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Here at the Stock Warehouse we are most generous. This site was originally intended to empty out my warehouse and it has become such a phenomenal success. Others have asked to advertise on it as well.  You probably found the item you are looking for quite easily and our placement is very nice for most Items sold on on here. Would you like to sell you own items on the Stock Warehouse Site ? You can sell any item up to $ 1000.00 with exposure for up to 6 months for Only $10.00 showing up to 8 pictures and featured on our front page as well. You can use this site to showcase & Sell a Car, RV, Boat or Motorcycle for up to 6 months for Just $ 25.00 Why do we say 6 Months? Because while others like that famous e site (no names mentioned) will make you believe that you will sell fast and after you have spent some money to list and it did not sell in a few days. We use that site as well in some cases and this site came to exist due to their expensive listing prices and things not actually selling and getting the sales pitch to "relist now" and "if it sells" your second listing fee would be refunded.

Here there are no games. No hype. It might take a little more time for the word to get out across the web about your stuff here. If you want to use it ? It's Just Easy And Very Affordable To Do So. Your Items can actually help our site's variety placement in our own plans and we are after all just trying to unload our own stuff rather trying to get rich. I figure this just works out good for everybody all the way around. No excessive picky rules. If we have any problem with anything you might be trying to sell. We would tell you at listing rather than letting you list and kicking you off and possibly even taking your money as "others" would do.

Welcome to the Stock Warehouse Center.

As with many in this economy I have been forced to liquidate business holdings and this leaves me with a great deal of various business items that I no longer have a need for connected in Restaurant, Hospitality, Entertainment & a little of this and that. The items advertised are both mine and fellow friend/business associates who have utilized my little place in cyberspace to help move some of their no longer needed or unwanted items as well. The conditions of merchandise or items will be noted in sales pages along with photographs where possible. Between us we all have a whole lot of stuff and if you see something you can use. The prices are most affordable for the items listed within these pages. I have way too much stuff stored in my existing properties and I would like to have some space back again.

If you are in business in a retail environment, amusement, entertainment,  restaurant, arcade or are looking for a source for discount or wholesale price buying for business and industrial hardware, fixtures or furniture. You might want to bookmark this site. As I am able to make my way to items that are stacked up and get photographs. This problem is much worse than I originally thought. I have stuff literally stack up on top of each other and every which a way.

As I make way to more stuff and get photos. I update the site as I go and as I can. Until then I am continually stuck in way too much stuff !

Look closely at the list because there are some real jewels of finds for the right person.

Just like my warehouse. There is no real order to it. Things just kind of appear where they do so have a look around and see if you find something of interest.

Thanks for taking the time to read this and Welcome to the site!

Our Featured Item Limited Inventory, While They Last !

All Tube Hand Made Guitar Amplifier

KRANK Rev Plus 120, 120 Watt All Tube Guitar Amplifier Stack Head ! MADE IN THE USA, DISCOUNT CLOSEOUT Priced!

Low Latency LONG USB MIDI Keyboard, USB 2.0 Microphone or D.A.W. Controller Cable

GOLD USB Jack, PC Board Mounting 2.0 MIDI Keyboard, DAW Recording Controller, USB Digital Audio Console, Computer Musician Recording Studio Replacement Or Upgrade GOLD USB Jack Special Purchase Opportunity Deal 

1st Item Up & Our Star Featured Item. How About A Special Edition Yamaha Virago XV-1000 with gold aluminum wheels CLICK To See More Now.

Vinyl Sign Cutting Machine With Metal Stand & Software.

Sublimation Heat Transfer Shirt Press, Low Hour Mug & Hat Presses Here Too. Overstock Now Available. These Can Make Big $$$$

Samsung Flight A797 Red Touch Screen Smart Phone. This phone was designed for AT&T but is now Unlocked and ready for any GSM Service such as AT&T, Altel or any GSM Carrier.

Pink Ladies T-Mobile Slimline Case Motorola Razr Style W490 Camera Cell Phone with original box, manual, battery and charger. No Contracts, FREE Shipping!

Proxima Video Projector For Sales Presentations Or Large Screen TV Use With Matching Flight Case!

Next item up is a Diamond Full Color Video Camera with remote control pan, tilt, zoom, focus & iris controls.

Dynamo Foosball Table Soccer Arcade Classic Tournament Model Coin Operated Foosball Table.

Koblenz 17 Inch Floor Buffer, Polisher & Sander. Deeply Discounted!

Kent KC 300 A Vacuum Cleaner 28 Inch Industrial Commercial Vacuum Cleaner.

EZ-Advantage Time & Temperature System Module.Allows you to give 30 second telephone greeting. Date, Time & Current Temperature to your callers.

Viking Electronics DVA-TNT Time & Temperature Module. Allows 30 Second Pre Announcement Time & Temp Followed By Another Up 30 Second Back End Announcement. 64 Bit Digital Audio Recording.

Altman Altspot 1000Q 1000 Watt Theatrical Followspot Spotlight with Heavy Duty Pan Tilt Stand & Extra Lamps.

Midland 70-565 UHF 2 Way 60 Watt, 80 Channel Digital Priority Scanning 2 Way Radio With Antenna & Speaker.

Midland 70-245B 16Channel Scanning Handheld 5 Watt Programmable 2 Way Radio

Blue Neon Lighting Under Car Illumination Kit. Made In America, New Complete Kit Liquidation Priced In The Original Retail Box 

Fix Your Non Spinning Or Agitating Whirlpool, Sears Kenmore, Roper, Estate Appliances, Kitchen Aid & Crosley Direct Drive Washing Machine Motor Coupler. Fits Direct Drive Washing Machines Made 1983 & beyond.

Lighted Threshold Lights For Doorway, Access Or Entry Point For Limousines, Executive Chauffeured Sedan, R.V., Customized Van Or Other Specialty Vehicle.

Lytequest Motorhead Intelligent DMX 512 Linkable Robotic Type Theatrical Or Club Lights Matched Pair with Y Power Cables.

LyteQuest SF-88 Professional DJ & Theatrical Lighting Controller & Driver Pack System With Low Voltage Control Cable.

Mirror Disco Ball. For Now I have Brand New 12" Mirror Balls Packed in Original Factory Shipping Boxes priced at 70 % off of the normal retail pricing. 

Bakers Pride 120 Volt 1800 Watt Counter Top Pizza Oven. Makes 2 X-Large Pizza Pies. Priced To Sell

Colorado Time Systems Inc. 6 Foot Long Giant Speed, Stopwatch Or Race Track Speed Counter Clock with Built In Event Start, Stop Horns, Audio Paging System and Humorous Sporting Tune Melodies.

Shure SM58 Performance Cardiod XLR Cable Professional Vocalist Microphone

DBX Type I (1) Noise Reduction, Tape Hiss Remover. 19" Rack Mount Professional Sound Processor

DOD Phasor 201 Vintage Guitar Phase Shifter Effects Pedal

DOD 835 Electronic 2 Way Stereo Or 3 Way Mono Electronic Crossover.

DOD R-825 Compressor Limiter De-ESSer Single Channel Rack Mount Unit. New In Box.

Dukane 60 Watt Heavy Public Address Amplfier.

180 Degree Sphere All Directional Complete Room Coverage Pair Of Tweeter Cluster Modules using 5 Motorola Piezo High Frequency Drivers. .

EV Compression Driver Diffraction Horns In Pro Sound Reinforcement Road Cases With Piezo Horn Tweeters too.

Legacy Poly Propylene Heavy Duty 15" Bass Drivers. (Woofers New in Original Boxes.)

Technics M85 Mk2 Professional 19" Rack Mount Cassette Deck, Designed To Match Technics SL1200 MKII Turntables

Technics Sl1200 MK2 SL1210 MK5 Professional DJ & Broadcast Turntable O.E.M Approved Replacement Power Switch  

Technics SL 1200 MKII Power Control Knob, & Now The Original Panasonic Power Lever Switch with The Roller That Is Original Japan Part Rather Than Cheap Chinese Copy!

Technics SL 1200 MKII Thick Grade, Heavy Generation 1 Vinyl Record Turntable Mat

Technics SL 1400 MK2 Very Rare & Collectable Turntable. Not many of these around anymore. DJs, Audiophiles & Broadcast Pros will appreciate this one.

Stanton 500 AL PRO Disco Duty DJ Phono Cartridge. New In Box. FREE SHIPPING

Audio Technica Audiophile Preferred Vinyl Record Turntable Phono Cartridge

AZDEN YM-10E Vintage Rare Premium Audio Quality Vinyl Record Phono Cartridge

Biamp 4000 Audio DJ Mixing Board. Industrial Duty. Built Nice For The Professional DJ. Priced To Move Quick!

Peavey 16 Channel Unity Series 2000 Sound Mixing Console With Flight Case.

Radio Shack Realistic Moog MG1 Synthesizer, Very Rare Vintage Collectable Electronic Musical Instrument

DOD 250 Vintage Gray, Gray Case With Yellow Lines Distortion Overdrive Pedal

YAMAHA TG 55 Synthesizer, Rack Mount Version Of The Famous FM SY55

Alesis D4 16 Bit Drum Sampler Module. 500 midi compatible percussion sound library in a 1 rackspace high unit.

Ibanez DM-1100 19" Rack Mount Digital Delay, Vintage Multi Effects Procesor

Price Blowout On Architectural Or Theatrical 6 Foot Chase Lighting Strips. Wired for 12 Channels. Easily Converted without re-wiring to 4 or 3 channel controllers. These are easy to set up & priced to move ! (Serious Deal On Chaser Strips Is Here While They Last!)

Some Of The Best Deals In The USA Have Been Found On This Site!

So Many Deals Here At The Stock Warehouse Center !

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Am I The Only Guy In The World Who Has Accumulated Way Too Much Stuff?

I did not think so. This started as a way to clean out extra junk. The traffic and exposure it has generated is phenomenal.

If you would like your own opportunity to affordably showcase your own stuff. This little garage sale site can help you do it too !

Do low garage sale turnouts or braving the weather and high rents at flea markets have you down ?

Advertising Opportunities are available on this site. If you like the site and want to sell some of your own stuff. Contact us as well and we will see what we can do for you.

Here are even more items I have available.

Large Diaphragm Condenser Microphone P&C Removing Noise Pop Attenuating Windscreens For Larger Studio Microphones.

Diversitronics Luma Power Super Strobe. One Of The Brightest Professional Grade Strobe Lights Ever Designed

Akai X7000 Sampler Disc Library for the Akai x 7000 Sampler

Western Digital 320 Gig Hard Drive HDD For Sale Cheap!

Lighted Restaurant Menu Or Illuminated Sign Boards. Two Large Signs At One Low Price!

GE Mastr Series Communication Radio Channel Elements for Mastr II, Mastr Exec II and the GE Mastr Series PE or PY Portables.

Boss AVA-550 210W+210W 2 Channel Car Stereo Amplifier With Built In Electronic Crossover. Gold Plated Terminals. Low Distortion Stereo Audio Amp.

Midway Bally Original Ms. Pac-Man Full Sized Stand-UpVideo Classic Arcade Game.

16 Speed Industrial Floor Standing 5/8 Inch Chuck Commercial Grade, Metal Wood Or Steel Heavy Duty Machine Shop Grade Drill Press With Milling Type Tilt Table

Air Floor Chisel 4" Pneumatic Scraper Tool New In The Box Value Priced.

Jet Tools Professional Grade Floor Standing Woodworking Band Saw.

Ford F-150 Full Sized Pickup Truck, Farm, Ranch Type 1986 with many extras included.

Konica Minolta 5D Maxxum Digital Camera Body DSLR Get Professional Digital Body Cam for a budget price.

Quantaray Sony DSLR Konica Minolta Maxxum 70-300MM Telephoto Zoom Lens

Heathkit IM-25 Solid State Multimeter, Lab Grade Professional Bench VOM

The Stock Warehouse Center Site has turned into a Phenomenal Success Story as a little accidental site to show a few pictures of a few things into an outlet that sells thousands of things all over the World. Merchandise with detailed honest descriptions that elaborate on any flaws or deficiencies we find on whatever it may be clearly explained and offering dirt cheap prices on almost anything you can imagine! 

Do you have a quantity overstock on something you have been trying to move? The Stock Warehouse Cntr. is great for these types of items where you have multiples.