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This Altman Theatrical Spotlight is loaded With Every Available Feature!

Heavy Duty Extra Option Cast Steel Rolling Stand Offers Durable, Dependable and Most Flexible fast setup and usage for almost any type of theatrical spotlight needs compared to light duty flimsy folding tripod stands found on many others models.

Heavy Cast Steel Base On Spotlight Offers Durable, Yet Portable Performance When Needed!

Professional Grade Heavy Duty Casters Roll Smoothly and individually lock on each wheel to assure firm placement in tight or uncertain spotlight usage areas or small spotlight tower platforms.

Smooth Rolling Wheels Lock Firmly In Place To Help You Keep The Followspot Where It Needs To Be! 

This followspot also offers a triple locking adjustable height telescoping stand for safe and steady operation. 

The normal stand package offers only a single lock for stand height  and horizontal pan position. This stand has the additional locks to assure your own selected height positions stays locked with 2 vertical position locks plus the third pan position lock to assure the light stays locked where you want it or free to swivel at whatever position your operator is comfortable with for your own theatrical spotlight needs.

Tricple Safety Locking Stand Keeps Your Spotlight Where You Need It To Be!

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Altman, Altspot  1000 Q

Theatrical Entertainment, Auditorium, Actors, Live Performance Theatre Followspotlight.

Big Theatrical Spotlight For A Little Price.

This Theater Spotlight was built with every available custom & extra option on it. Many lights sold today are small with reduced lamp output and quite puny in comparison. This light sold new for around $1879.00 with all the extra options included on it. Comparable today with extras could easily run into twice this price for newer lights with all the goodies.

Not One Fan On This Thater Spotlight But Both Intake Blower & Exhast Fans.Seperate Lamp & Fans Controls allows for Pre Cool & Post Cooldown of lamp to increase lamp life.

I have included inside pictures of the Lenses on This Theatre Follow Spotlight. The Inner Lens which does not show and does have a crack in it. We never got around to changing it because it Does not impair performance and DOES NOT SHOW UP IN THE PATTERN. it is NOT visible unless you are the performer who is looking right into the light, and you have knowledge it is there and you are actually looking for it. I know where it is but no one has ever noticed it, asked or mentioned it and this included technical people.  We simply did not worry about it. I am being honest and pointing this out it to you many would not even mention it. My recommendation if you are budget minded. Don't worry about it. If you have money to play with. You could fix it. The choice is yours. This flaw does not show up in the pattern or in the throw circle of the light. You get a very nice round adjustable focus 150 foot easy effective throw large venue spotlight. This light has been used in some really large theaters and with it's fresnel lenses giving a very focused clear circle. This Spot Light can always cut right through pretty much any stage lights including massive banks of par 1000 watt cans with no problem at all with it's nice round pattern showing.

If you want the inner lens changed before delivery. Just add $100.00 to the price which will include shipping and installation. You could probably do it yourself for less ordering direct from Altman. The part is currently available and was like around $77.00 the last time I checked plus shipping. 

Includes a Reduced Output 750 Watt Lamp for smaller venues and an Un-used Extra 1000 Watt GE Lamp for the followspot!

Another bonus I am including with the light is I am including an Extra 1000 Watt Spot Light Lamp New In It's Original Box & An Additional 750 Watt Lamp if you feel that the 1000 is just to big for your theatrical application or for use in smaller venues. The 750 Watt Lamp Reduces Lamp output by about 31% technically and is more than enough for most medium to smaller size theaters if you utilize this option with still a bright round spot for most uses. The 1000 Watt Lamp with the highly tuned lenses will cut through the brightest of stage lights and is sought after frequently by film, photography & videographers  covering performance, live theatrical, music, entertainment & political events as well. This light is a real money maker for many types of theater and performer events. It can pay for itself real fast if you wanted to use it as a rental theater or event performance follow spotlight in a decent size area. 

Color Filter Box Holds Gel Colors of any type or color.Easy Flip Controls To Select Your Needed Color Gel For Your Performance Event.

Many lower cost spot lights make you buy a separate boomerang or color filter box & gel holder. This followspot has it all built in and always ready for you at the touch of your fingers with this Industry Standard Theatrical Follow Spot Light.

Because these are steel and basically labor intensive to build. The prices have skyrocketed on a new theater follow spotlight of this size. While many today are xenon lamps requiring separate power supply's for really large venues which raises your lamp cost & energy consumption. This light offers really high output utilizing a relatively economical 1000 Watt Incandescent Lamp giving you exceptional reliability for very low comparable operating cost.

Original Altman Altspot 1000Q Factory Nameplate.

Here is the view of the rear original Altspot Factory Nameplate.

Altman Altspot, Follow Spot  Package.

Includes heavy duty, Heavy Steel  rolling stand with easy Pan & Tilt Triple Safety Locking Adjustable Height Stand Is Included with this great Altspot 1000q theatre follow spot light. Spotlight does have some surface rust as it has been well used. Due to size and weight, Shipping by freight will be quite expensive. If you purchase within a 100 mile radius of the North Florida Area where the light is located. Will include delivery at a Very Low Charge. My work puts me on the road frequently and I can easily arrange delivery within this area to save you some money. This factor alone could save your theatrical budget a sizable chunk required with shipping. Light & Stand With All The Extra Options Easily Weigh around a Hundred and Thirty Pounds. Shipping has just become ridiculous in price since energy prices skyrocketed. If we need to look at shipping. Freight on most places around the Country is probably around $160.00 to most places around the USA and local area affordable regional delivery option is another option we have to work with. This is just another tool I can offer to help make this as easy as possible for someone really needing this spot light.

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 Priced right and ready to go to work at the Price of $600.00 plus a nominal local area Or Freight Charges Not Included. These are rare and getting hard to find. Most expensive to replace new. Altspot includes extra lamps and stand included in total package. Local Area Delivery and basic on site location training on this spot light operation will be included as well. These are in popular demand and with reasonable priced local area shipping. I do not expect it to last long at this price. If we do need to look at long range freight. Seller will deliver to shipping dock of local shipper included in price.

I have shown known flaws where applicable and as with all of my sale items. This is a used item and is being sold as is with no warranties as to condition or fitness expressed or implied.

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