Great Deals On Chaser Metal Lighting Strips !

Flashing Chasing Lights Add Excitement To Your Facility !

Metal Chasing Light Strips At Blowout Pricing Levels. No Better Deals Anywhere On These !

Great Deals On Chaser Metal Lighting Strips !

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If you are wondering why this page is black? We decided to turn down the lights a bit on this page so you can enjoy  the chaser strips a little more in a darkened setting.

These Chase Light Strips Are Full y Compatible With Chaser, Stepper, Analog & Digital DMX Sequential Light Systems Control & Lighting Controllers By

  • American Lighting Chasers, DJ Chase Controller & Driver Pack Lighting

  • Chauvet

  • Colortran

  • Diversitronics

  • Gemini

  • Elation Professional Lighting

  • LDS (Light Design Systems)

  • Lightlab Lighting Systems Utilizing The Triac Zoner Driver Lighting Packs Or Dual SCR Switching Pack Devices with Popular Controllers Like The L 4001, L8000, L1600 & 3200 

  • Lyte-Quest Lighting Systems

  • NJD

  • Roctronics

  • Rosco

  • Times Square Theatrical Lighting

Plus Many More Not Listed Here. If Your Have A Sequencing Lighting Controller. We Can Show How It Can Easily Work With These Value Priced Lighting Strips!


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Great Money Making Opportunity For Club & Pro Sound Lighting Installers. 

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Architectural Chaser,  Theatrical,  Entertainment, Modeling, Runway, & Stage Strip Lighting. 2"x2" x 6 Foot Long.

Has Available Dream Lighting Display Chaser Strips For Less Than The Cost Of A Dinner !

Price Reduced Even More To Move Them Out!


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This Has Become One Of The Best Deals On The Planet Earth For Buyers So Far!

Easy Plug Together Installation Once You Have Main Power Wired !

If you want metal channel chaser strip lights? These are great for photography model runways. A variety of modeling applications. Theatrical Stage Proscenium Perimeter Lighting. Architectural Ceiling Lighting Visual Displays. Retail Store Display Windows, Modeling Theatre Applications will really love these. Pizza Parlor Theaters, Family Fun Entertainment Venue Lighting applications.  Mobile DJ's, Night Clubs & More. Many will even be shipped with drop ceiling hanging brackets already attached on the back. These are one bolt install. No guarantee on these though. Most have them but not all do.

Anywhere 2 inch by 2 inch by 6 foot metal channel lights could be used in an architectural or theatrical lighting display application. I only have a few lamps for demonstration purposes so unfortunately lamps are not include with strips. I only have a few of these around. You can use these to create high-powered disco lighting. Sharp wrays of red, blue, green and yellow lights or simply install white lamps in them for illumination purposes. Applications include: illuminated wall trim, sign lettering, lighted infinity mirror or lightbox illumination and other decorative architectural and theater entertainment lighting applications. 

So How Many Lighting Strips Will You Need Today ? We Can Easily Help Out Here !

These can be used in a wide range of Special Lighting Effects for the Night Club, Discotheque or almost any Theatrical Environment. Mobile Disc Jockey Operators love how easy it is to take a few of these along on your shows and have a chase border in front of your stage area. Easy plug together installation once you have your master controller link cable wired makes setup something that can happen in only a couple of minutes for many mobile installations. If you are a mobile entertainment operator. Get  with us about how easy it is to have first class lighting on the road with you too as well as traditional permanent strip lighting installations. 

Here is a view of the an actual lighting fixture up close.

Well Made Lighting Strips. I Have Had 100 Percent Success Rate In All Strips I Have Tested !

Setup is a breeze with the modular snap connectors. These are wired for 12 channels and there are 6 fixtures on a lights. There are other wires that go through each fixture supplying the other 6 channels to the strip next to the one in operation. We can show you how to easily change the wiring only at your master connector leaving all the other plug in modular wiring so no re-wiring of strips is possible to make them into 4 channel which is the most popular or even 3 channel which can be full circuit with double lamps on only 1 strip for a really small display. In my opinion 3 channels is bit too choppy looking for my taste. The animated lights running on this page were based on a 3 channel design and 4 channels looks much better. Technically the higher the number of individual lighting channels. The better the flow of your chase will look. Also more channels means more wiring and overall increases your project cost. Our recommendation is probably to go with four channel wiring for most small to medium installations. The twelve channel setup is just to big for most medium to smaller applications. 12 channels means you only have one bulb on every 12 lights in the chase unless you switched to dark chase mode. This is just not enough light for most applications. Again the original installation of these was huge anyway so problems like this were of no concern. Overall 4 channel controllers are very versatile, popular and usually very low cost to obtain.

Easily Converted Over To 4 or 3 Channel Chase Configuration.

Here is a view of the modular plug in wiring connectors. 12 wires and a neutral. 6 for the strip and 6 as a bypass for the next strip as already explained. It's not nearly as intimidating as it looks. Again assistance is available to get you up and running fast. No rewiring required for 4 channel, 3 channel or full on single channel operation. 

Easy Modular Plug In Connectors.  

If you photograph models and build small sets. A few of these and you will have a dramatic and powerful lighting display. Small Aspiring Budget Minded Artist will appreciate the low cost opportunity on these lighting strips. One Chasing Light Strip Or Hundreds for a dramatic entertainment display. My Low Price Is Your Best Deal Hands Down !

Available Double Runway Strip Master Termination Cable Is Easy To Set Up To Have These Run Down Both Sides Of A Modeling Stage Or Runway.

At These Low Prices Anyone Can Afford To Purchase Spectacular Lighting Strips At A Bargain Basement Price !

If you have a dream of a very large installation using many, many strips of chase lighting and maybe your budget is not as big as your dreams. Then your wish is about to come true. Even if you have a substantial budget you are about to get an opportunity to buy these at 10 Cents on the Wholesale Dollar Price. Who Could Pass That Up ?

I have a whole lot of these strips. In fact so many I am almost giving them away. These sell new from various manufactures for around 79.00 Each on the Low End Bargain Wholesale for upwards of over $ 220.00 Each. (Keep Reading This Gets Really Good !)

A Mobile DJ, 4 Pack Offers You A 24 Foot Long Easily Portable Lighting Strip Display In Front Of Your Stage For Only $60.00 

(Can You Afford Not To Be Without These For This Price?)

These are designed for multi circuit chaser lighting applications. They are currently wired for 12 circuit chase. You can easily adapt them to anything your application may call for or simply wire them as single circuit for illumination purposes. They use a standard thread base like a popular theatrical application chaser light bulb such as 11S14 which only consumes individually 11 watts of electricity at full brightness. A Household Style Light Bulb Base Means You Can Find Small Quantities Of Bulbs At Local Home Improvement or Variety Store For Smaller Needs.

Many Photographers are buying these and just running straight power to them with all lamps on full for their Live Model Work & Photo Shoot Projects.

You Can Build Your Own Lighted Runway For Live Fashion & Photo Model Work At Incredibly Low Cost With These Light Strips !

(Money Is No Longer A Limitation At These Prices!)

These work great in front of mirrors or you can build the hit 70's disco look of infinity mirrors with them quite easily. Need help in this department ? If you buy I will certainly share lighting engineering ideas with you for whatever application you are buying these for. 

When this system was originally installed in service. Twelve heavy amperage separate branch power circuits were pulled to run the lighting dimmer control packs in a 12 zone system. It gave the illusion that the entire ceiling was moving and was a spectacular site indeed. There were 12 sections with squares in them and the lights could chase within squares. Chase square to square in a zone or chase the through all the zones with full illumination  of all lights within the zone as the pattern hopped throughout the ceiling. These strips came of out of one of the largest industrial lighting displays in existence in the United States.  At the time of my own acquisition of these lighting strips. I intended to install them in my better than 200 foot long building and came to the conclusion the original display design was in fact far too large for even this size of a building. I think the previous user probably went broke just on paying their lighting bill with the many thousands of lights in this display! The painful answer became clear and that was to split these up and I have been supplying entertainment & theatrical oriented venues for years with these and I still have way too many still left over. 

Just add a few Mirror Balls, Strobe Lights, Ellipsoidal Or Par Can Theatre Lights and anyone of the disco era would be envious of the installations possible with all of these lighting strips. Strips may be plugged together to give the effect of one continuous strip or design them into starburst, wheel, box, zig, zag or any shape your imagination can conjure up. These strips offer you the chance to offer your patrons classic effects from the Disco era and golden ages of Hollywood theme parties Oversized stage lights, 1970's vintage disco effects including starburst chasers and chaser strips. Intelligent Computerized Lighting Displays. Even Segments for animated signs. If you want the look of flowing chasing lights, You just hit pay dirt ! The possibilities go on and on and virtually endless. I probably have plenty of strips to wrap your entire building interior in these if you like. These are designed for interior lighting installations only. Not to be used for exterior unless you can install them protected from the weather and natural elements. Notice the little strip picture to the right. Those are connector ends and each connector of course is connected to a chasing lighting strip. Now you can understand my concern about having too many of these. 

 If you are seeking a 1970s retro disco theme lighting effect. You will call this site your little heaven on earth for a great deal on these metal channel chasing strip lights.

These strips can be picked up for a steal if you need chaser strip lighting. Were initially installed in very large entertainment venue which is now closed and I have tons of these strips I really need to make room for.

Many will have some surface rust since there was some flooding in a warehouse where I had them stored. Most will require a little scuff and touch up and you have some really nice metal chaser strip lights you can link together as many as you have power capability for. These were flat black finish which is easily achieved with a can of .99 cent spray paint. An easy makeover to have them looking new again. Expect some cleanup, Expect to paint unless you plan to directly install them into a dark or black ceiling or somewhere the light strip will not actually be seen up close.

Shipping is really not feasible at all with these in large quantities. Small Orders are shippable.  We recently shipped a 4 strip bundle for mobile DJ Service & his shipping charge was $ 40.00 and he paid almost as much for shipping as he did for the strips. He saw our great value as you have and he was still not worried about it with our great prices.

Great News. We Can Ship A Mobile DJ or Photographers Four Pack Most Anywhere in The United States For Only $ $40.00

You can see our problem here. For Larger Orders, Be prepared to come with a truck and load your own lighting strips with us. Some delivery assistance may be available in the southeast region.

Average Street Price For These, $ 100.00 Each!

I Am Almost Giving These Away! 

Buy Them Here Super Dirt Cheap !

Price Reduced Even More To Move Them Out! What Are You Waiting For!


Thank You For Visiting Your, We Hope You Can Find Something Great On Our Site That Will Make Your Day Great !


6 Or Less

Now Only $ 15.00


Now Only $ 13.00


Now Only $ 11.00

41 Strips Or More

Now Only $ 9.00 Each In Quantity

Interested In More Strips Than The Numbers Shown ? Additional Discounts Available On Larger Bulk Purchases! I Need To Move These Out!

I advertised the World's Lowest Price On These & I Think and am sure you will agree I mean it when I say it. How about a grand price total of as low as Only $ 9.00 Each For as Many as You Can Carry Away in a quantity of 41 or more. This means you can buy 6 of mine for the price of just one that you found a great deal on new. If you were paying retail. You could buy 30 of mine for only  a little over the cost of what one 1 single strip cost at full retail. Now that's what I call savings. That's what many would call giving them away. That's what others would call simply insane pricing. As I said. They all must go. Be prepared to bring your truck. Bring Work Gloves. I will help you load these lights. Be prepared to drive away with a deal of a lifetime ! Imagine Buying A Professional Lighting Fixture for about the Price Of A Value Meal. Now you see why I say this is the World's Best Deal Deal On Chaser Strip Lights. 


We Can Now Fairly Reasonably Ship These Lights Too!

Now We Can Ship Your Dream Electronic Lighting Display Directly To You!

Prices will of course be depending on shippers. This is what  we have experienced so far in our attempts to ship these which were previously too expensive to do.

At this price you can afford your dream lighting display without wiping out your back account on lighting fixtures. Now we will even work to get it shipped to you quickly!

Some might say I am crazy to sell them this cheap. My loss is certainly your gain. I need space and these are taking up way too much if it. Let's Deal!

As with all of my sale items. This is a used item and is being sold as is with no warranties as to condition or fitness expressed or implied.

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