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Baker's Pride Pizza Oven

120 Volt Standard Electrical Power. 

No Heavy Wiring Required. No Exhaust Ducting Or Restaurant Grill Hood Required.

Translation= Plug'nBake!

Genuine Bakers Pride Mini Footprint Commercial Grade Pizza Oven At A Budget Price!

Bakers Pride 120 Volt Pizza Oven. Plug In And Make Pizza's !

Bakers Pride Pizza Oven is a nice little oven to put out great tasting pizza. This oven might not be pretty to look at but this is your chance to pick up this pizza oven for sale real cheap! This Bakers Pride Pizza Oven is a 115 volt oven with 1800 watts of cooking power. This Oven has a precision thermostat with a heater element indicator light that allows for great pizza flavor control and a timer power control for the oven which we never used so I am not really sure about it's operation.

Red Light Glows On When Oven Is Heating. Light Is On In Picture!

Also, the Bakers Pride Pizza Oven has 2 shelves for up to Two Extra Large Pizzas or Various food entrees. This Oven Will Also Allow You To Make 8 Personal Pan Pizzas Simultaneously As Well. Many who make pizza also make pasta or various Italian dish varieties. While our usage was not heavy in this area. I did find it made an awesome baked lasagna, spaghetti or ziti in just playing around with it while we had it in service.  Simply Plug It In & You Can Make Delicious World Class Pizzas in no time.  I would recommend a bit of cleanup first though. It is quite dirty as you probably can tell. If you are looking for a bargain priced pizza oven for a low cost entry into the pizza biz. This is your lucky day!

As I have said this oven might not be pretty but it is value priced and is a great little workhorse that won't break your budget to buy or to operate.

A True X-Large Pizza Is Generally 18 Inches and this Oven Will Let You Make Them!

Wide Access Allows 18 Inch Pizzas and Once You Pass The Entry Rails It Allows Additional Space For The Pizza To Cook Out If Needed.

Will cook two up to 18 Inch X-Large Pizzas allowing you to make 2 extra large Pizza's fast for your waiting customers. If you have ever been attracted to the idea of Brick Oven Pizza. This oven does have ceramic shelves so you actually could advertise Brick Oven Pizza like the Big New York, Chicago & Famous Pizzerias so often boast in their advertising. There are cracks in the ceramic shelves but this is no big deal and does not affect the operation of the oven. I can personally attest that it makes one awesome pizza. Just writing this page makes me want to take it back and open a little corner pizza parlor somewhere and reap the rewards of pizza profits once again. Unfortunately my own schedule does not permit such fun in this life today for me!

Ceramic Shelves Allow You To Offer "Brick Oven Style Pizza" If You Like!

I don't want to scare you but I am trying to point out what is wrong with it as I believe in being honest and reporting deficiencies where I find them. Many advertise these ovens used for $1000.00 to $1200.00 and I have this one available for well less than half of this price. It translates to a little more elbow grease instead of cash out of your bank account in these tight times we are in. This your chance to pick up a genuine Bakers Pride Industry Standard Workhorse Of A Pizza Oven That Will Occupy A Small Space and Only Have A Small Cost to operate versus big energy hog pizza ovens. This is very ideal for an established restaurant or some business that is already up and running who wants to experiment or find a low cost avenue into the high profits available with making your own pizza to serve your current customers. Sandwich shops and other light scale food operations love these as an economical, cost and space efficient means to getting into the pizza business too.

Rear Of Pizza Oven

You get a nice Pizza Oven that occupies a small footprint on a your countertop. Only draws 1800 Watts of electricity at 115 Volts. No Expensive Wiring Or Exhaust Ducting Necessary.

Bakers Pride MO2E Uses Regular 115 Volt Household Electricity!

Factory Specifications are

  • Model: MO2E
  • Stainless steel construction
  • Single bake chamber
  • Two (2) ceramic hearth decks
  • Mechanical timer
  • Thermostatic temperature control
  • Attached cord and plug
  • Countertop model
  • 115 Volts, 1800 Watts
  • Outside dimensions:(approx.) 22 1/2"w x 24"d x 18"h
  • Inside dimensions:(approx.) 18"w x 18"d x 10"h

I have now just one of these left and they are typically $1300.00-$1600.00 New. You Can Pick Up My Last Pizza Oven For Only $500.00

Shipping is probably too expensive. I would guess shipping to most eastern seaboard cities to be around $200.00. I am in the Southeast. Recommend Pickup or possible regional delivery depending upon where you are. 

As with all of my sale items. This is a used item and is being sold as is with no warranties as to condition or fitness expressed or implied.

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