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Colorado Time Systems Inc. 

Giant Speed Race Counter Stopwatch Clock

Giant Speed Clock Stopwatch Display.

Deeply Discounted Price. You Can Buy It Real Cheap!

Close To 6 Feet Long In Length For High Visibility.

 Great for any type of speed event or race track event where you need a large display stopwatch speed clock. It's like a giant stopwatch that everyone can see. Allows Jumbo Display of Seconds and Minutes to run and display for all your spectators at your event requiring timed speed measurement to be displayed to the public. 

Has Been Recently Hooked Up & Tested & Ready To Place Into Service!

May Be Wall Mounted As Shown Above or Can Be Used Portable On Stand Kit Pictured Below. Large Jumbo Display is Visible In The Brightest Of Sunlight. Has Never been used outdoors. No Fading of case. Everything is quite dusty from storage but not faded. Was used in a permanently installed indoor entertainment venue application. This clock has never seen weather or sunlight except for a few special event rental uses. Overall system is in great shape and ready to time your event!


Close Up Of Keypad for timer control, Start & Stop Event Horn & Musical Humor tunes !


Built in Race Programmable Race Event Start & Stop Horn Tones. Plays Popular Sporting Melodies too like "first call, charge", "take me out to the ballgame" "taps" "stars" Bull" Dragnet" Theme clip, "Raindrops Keep Falling On My Head" "The Lone Ranger" Theme and more. Great Sporting Event Horn Tunes. Includes paging microphone & high power paging speaker that allow talk over announcements as well.


Race Speed Clock Controller & Microphone


The  complete kit pictured below includes the Jumbo Speed Clock, Race Event Giant Stopwatch Timer Display. Well Over 200 Feet Of Control Cable allows quick and easy plug in installation, Your High Power Weatherproof Paging, Race Track Tone Signaling Horn,  4 Floor Standing Legs you can attach to allow Clock to free stand for outdoor or gymnasium temporary sporting events for portable use. Can be used portably or permanently installed in your location as it was while in service. Programming allows clock to be used as stop watch or as reverse countdown timer. Many programming options. If you can imagine a clock doing it. This system probably can. Unit has internal rechargeable gel cell battery that can power timer with full functions for some time event without electricity if the battery is charged. I had the battery disconnected from the circuit when removed from service for storage purposes and to not run down the battery. I don't know the current condition of the internal battery but worked ok when last tested. Estimated cost to replace this battery if there was a problem would probably be under $ 30.00 if it does not hold a prolonged charge. I imagine that when steady power is applied it will probably charge and hold charge fine. It seemed to do so on a recent test. No guarantees here though. I always note deficiencies where I find them. This is a possible concern but easily and very affordably taken care of.


Here Is The Complete Package Featured.

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System cost almost $ 2,500.00 New. Will Sell Bargain Priced for only $800.00 with pickup or delivery recommended rather than attempting to ship. My experience in shipping large signs is due to their bulk. They tend to be very expensive to ship. This is not so large as to prohibit shipping. It will need to be shipped in separate boxes which will raise your overall shipping cost. (Display, Stand & Electronics will be shipped separately. Will ship if you wish to cover shipping cost. I am located in Southeast and some Regional Delivery is possible due to travels in my work.

Full System Ready To Clock Your Event Is Available & Now Most Affordably Liquidation Priced, Get It While It Is Still Available!

As with all of my sale items. This is a used item and is being sold as is with no warranties as to condition or fitness expressed or implied.

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