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A Nice Professional Quality Windscreen That Does Not Sound Like You Are Putting Sock Over Your Mic At A Great Low Price Anyone Can Afford !

Say Hello To Better Performance & Goodbye To Bulky Microphone Body Bags To Protect Your Valuable Studio Condenser Microphone From Harmful Dust Particles !

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Broadcaster, Podcaster, Singer, Vocalist 

Large Diaphragm 

Condenser Microphone Windscreen

We Have Quality Large Studio Microphone Windscreen Sizes In Stock To Fit The Following Microphones.

Find Your Microphone Below Now & Take Advantage Of This Golden Money Saving Opportunity On A True Professional Grade, Acoustically Sheer Microphone Windscreen That May Become Your Favorite Studio Tool ! 

Samson C01 C01U C03 C03U & CL7 CL8 Series Studio Condenser Mics

Samson Meteor USB Microphone

Samson G Track USB Microphone

Behringer C1 & C3 Series Studio Condenser Microphones

Behringer B1 Cardioid & B2 Multi-Pattern Studio Condenser Microphones

Audio Technica* AT2020 4033a 4033/CL AT3035 & AT4040 Studio Condenser Microphones

Blue Yeti USB & Yeti Pro Studio Condenser Microphones

Noted Issue- This is a Large Windscreen that will stretch to fit on the Mic OK assuming care is taken not to tear or hurry the screen on, The only Issue seller might mention is it may want to slide up on its own with the lower inch section in the screen when new until it has fitted itself to your Microphone. After it has been on your Microphone for awhile. It should shape itself to stay on nicely. If you can be patient and work with this. You just found a great Windscreen at a Bargain Price for your nice Mic!

Blue Microphones 

Bluebird, Bottle Interchangeable Removable Capsule Series Microphones, Spark & Baby Bottle Studio Condenser Microphones

Audio Technica ATR 2500 USB Studio Condenser Mic

Rode NT1, NT1-A & NT2 * Studio Condenser Microphones

Technical Pro CMC500 or CMC-500 Studio Condenser Microphone

Sennheiser MK4 Studio Condenser Microphone*

SE Electronics SE1 or sE2200a Series Studio Condenser Microphones

These are the only known Mics in the SE Electronics line we are setup to fit. Those with other model SE Electronics Microphones Are Welcome To Inquire On Possibility Of A Fit For Your Mic!

Acoustica MXL MVS Mixcraft Vocal Studio Condenser Microphone

Neumann U89 U87 U87Ai, U-67, TLM 67 Studio Condenser Microphones

Feel Free to Inquire about other Neumann Models as we will let you know if we can fit them.

Neumann TLM49, TLM102 & TLM103 Studio Condenser Microphones

Neumann M147 & M149 Tube Studio Condenser Microphones

Neumann TLM193 Studio Condenser Microphone

Neumann U47 Tube U47 FET Studio Condenser Microphones

Nady USB-1C, USB-2S Studio Condenser Microphone

Nady SCM 800 FET & SCM 800 FET Studio Condenser Microphone

ISK Microphones BM-400, BM-500 & BM-700 Studio Condenser Microphones

Sterling Audio ST51, ST55, ST59 ST66 & ST69 Studio Condenser Microphones

ADK A51, S51, A6 MK8 Vienna Hamburg LE TC & Area 51 TT Tube Type Studio Condenser Microphones

CAD GXL2200, 2400 & GXL3000 Studio Condenser Microphones

CAD M179 M177  or M9 Tube Or Valve Studio Condenser Microphones

CAD U37 USB Studio Condenser Microphone

Studio Projects B1 B3 TB1 C1 & C3 Studio Condenser Microphones

Mojave Audio MA-200 MA-300 MA-201FET MA-301FET  Studio Condenser Microphones

APOGEE MIC USB Studio Condenser Microphone

Kam Crystal or C3 Studio Condenser Microphones

AKG Perception*  220 200 420 & 120 Studio Condenser Microphones

MXL VO: 1A Harlan Hogan Voice-Over Studio Condenser Microphone

MXL 006 007 008 24 Bit, 96 Khz USB Studio Condenser Microphones

MXL V67 V69 V76 V87 V88 2001 2003 2006 2008 & 2010 Studio Condenser Microphones

MXL Studio 1 Tempo Pro 1B & Trio USB Studio Condenser Microphones

 MXL 990 900 992 & 770 Studio Condenser Microphones

Kam Crystal or C3 Studio Condenser Microphones

M-Audio Nova Producer USB Vocal  Studio Condenser Microphones

Known Issues On * selected models are we have found the screen will cover and clear the diaphragm but may not initially cover the entire screen face bottom area on some of these Mics when first installed with the * noted. Some screen area on the lower microphone screen area may be exposed with Windscreen installed usually less than 1/4 inch and you may be able to stretch it down a little after it has been on the Mic. Windscreen will be functional as intended even if it does not quite initially come down to the bottom of the Mic metal screen area since it does clear the diaphragm as your Windscreen will be ready to immediately go to work for you. After it has been on a day and so on thereafter, carefully continue trying to stretch it down to get it to stretch down over the metal screen face area of your Microphone. Continue this periodically over time and you will eventually have about a perfect fitting Windscreen. We just try to be honest and share what we find with these in personal experience to help out. You are still getting it for a fraction of what most charge for these and in time, I think it will suffice just fine. Again just a little tip I share from experience working with these ourselves in so many applications to save many a ton of cash!

These are the Known Models We Have Fitted & You are welcome to inquire on other Models and we will let you know what we have or if we can fit your particular Mic.

Many buy a Premium Phantom Powered or USB Large Diaphragm Condenser Microphone only to be told by the salesperson that this microphone you just paid a fortune for just will not sound right unless you also buy this expensive pop filter too! If that's not enough to get you steaming mad. You really find yourself getting annoyed by the bulkiness of the traditional round Pop Filter or as some say a Pie Plate In Your Face perhaps blocking your lyric or copy material or the nuisance of the filter not staying place where was supposed to either. Not only are these more comfortable to work with but they will also help serve a most priceless role of helping to keep dust from accumulating on the Diaphragm of your most value Studio Condenser Microphone.

We have a great solution and you can get it for well under the price of traditional Audio Pop Filters. These great sounding Windscreen filters work equally well with both traditional 48 volt or 48v XLR Phantom Powered Condenser Microphones or many of the new Modern USB Plug-N-Play Condensor Microphones too! Your Stock Warehouse Center bought a very large supply of premium large diaphragm microphone windscreens that will fit many larger diaphragm mics and we have these now ready to go at a really great low price with easy to-your-door shipping included in the already LOW Price. These basically provide the same audio filtering as traditional Large Bulky Round Pop Filters and these do it much less intrusively to allow you to focus on your vocal, speech or narration production and not worry about equipment problems or getting less than the best performance out of your new premium studio microphone.

This is your chance to pick up a professional grade larger designed windscreen for your larger Professional Condenser Microphone that is designed NOT to roll off high frequencies compared to many Foamball or Truck Bumper Style Windscreens at a bargain basement price. If you have tried to stretch normal windscreens over larger barrel mics,  you have probably been terribly disappointed both the too small size to cover these mics as well as frequency attenuation issues or perhaps even muffling effects that you really just do not want. 

Your StockWarehouse.cntr.us team are well known for importing special deals in large quantity from Asian Nations and then breaking up large shipments and making these affordable in smaller quantities for consumers here in the United States. We initially began ordering these for Planet AV Studios and now several other studios or their friends so to speak have jumped on the pro audio savings wagon as well. We began to up our import quantity levels for the best pricing and now we are opening this up to where anyone who wants a professional grade studio windscreen that has been sonically evaluated, tested and used in countless professional Studios around the USA can now acquire one of these at a fraction of what they are normally designed to sell for. Our customers regularly keep upping their orders to us so this certainly tells us a great deal about these too!

We have also been selling so many of these quality Windscreens to Retail Music Stores, Other Wholesale Music Purchasers, Podcasters, Radio Broadcast Professionals, Recording Studios Narration Audio, Video & YouTube Video Producers both in professional studio environments and plenty of those with Digital Audio Workstation (D.A.W.) setups in their home or studio as well. Anyone that needs quality P&C Pop Noise Attenuation will love the deal we now have available on these professional speech and vocal recording microphone windscreens and with FREE Shipping Thrown In Too, It's A Deal That Just Can't Be Beat!

We were also able to get these pictures of pop filters showing common practical real World problems that often occur compared to quality transparent quality acoustic windscreens such as these offered under this special purchase imported deal that will often serve about the same purpose while preserving sonic accuracy and offering a much more convenient space saving design that allows you to focus on your recording job and not on equipment problems as will often be the case with many pop filters!


This Special Purchase Sale Opportunity Allows You To Enjoy A Pro-Quality Easy To Use Windscreen At A Very Low Bargain Basement Price!

Many write in asking about what these look like and will it fit their larger microphone ? We assembled the banner picture below with tips for easier installation or as a helpful guide if you have a microphone with a case barrel larger than 2 inches in diameter or some of the unusual shapes or 90 degree edges found on the screen element areas of some larger condenser microphones such as a larger AKG or similar styled mics.

Fits Larger Mics Easier If You Flex & Stretch! Highly Recommend Stretching For Larger Condenser Microphones! 

We are now offering yet another terrific suggestion on these Large Condenser Mic Windscreens based on feedback we receive from users in their real usage of these. As we are showing you above and as we have shared the fit we find will be a most snug one on larger mics. We recommend to fit the screen the best you can on the mic and in time. You will be able to stretch it out probably a little longer and lower down on your mic and it will be easier to remove and re-install after it has stretched to fit larger mics.  New in the original package as we receive them.

Here is the actual Condenser Microphone Windscreen that you will receive under this special sale opportunity in it's original package ! We have a few different sizes to fit the Windscreens known in the table above and have quite a database on many different microphones we have also fitted so write in and we will let you know if we can fit your Mic too if it is not listed by chance! If we can't fit it for some reason, we will let you know as well. We appreciate your inquiry on these and do our best to offer fast service.

Special Note, Here's The Catch  ! Many have been asking how we were able to get such a great deal on these windscreens where we can sell these at this low price to you ? Here is the answer, If you look at the package above on the retail hanger display on the top. There was a large batch that did not get retail hanger hole punched for hanging on retail shelf display hanger pegs. This flaw was caught well after manufacturing and packaging so the rest is history. Also we have found there are several different sized Windscreens all in the same marking package with no distinction on size noted. We have now sold so many of these that we have separated these into our own size categories and matched them up with models shown in the table above for a fast easy fit for your Professional Studio Condenser Microphone. We bought up a huge lot of these with the acceptance of this minor packaging flaws that most end users would not even notice. If you can live with this tiny issue, you just found a super deal on a premium quality windscreen. Those interested in reselling these can easily add your own hanger hole with a hole punch if you need to. So there you have it, that's the only thing wrong we have found with these and the price is discounted most significantly to save you money.

Our price is excellent on these and we imported a huge quantity of these! We are very open to all quantity level sales from one single Windscreen to thousands for those looking for bulk resale purchase opportunities. These list at $ 39.95 and we will sell you one really cheap ! We Will Sell You More Even Cheaper Than This Starting At Quantity Buys Of 36 for resellers.

We Bought Huge Quantities Of These To Bring You The Absolute Lowest Possible Price!

If You Need A Studio Condenser Microphone Windscreen, You Can Buy One Now At A Great Price !

You Can Buy This Windscreen Now For Only $16.50 With FREE Shipping & Handling Out The Door To You Anywhere in The United States. Those interested in Export Shipping. Please Contact Us For Availability of Export Shipping On This Product. Please Indicate What County You Would Like Item To Be Shipped To In Your Contact As Well. This FREE Shipping Deal Is For The United States Only.

When writing in, Please, PLEASE Tell Us What Microphone Brand & Model Type Or Number You Have For Fastest Order Fulfillment. 

As with all of our sale items on this site. While these are a factory fresh and a new item. Since we sell everything in a liquidator type environment. We sell all items as is with no warranties as to condition or fitness expressed or implied. All sales are normally sold as-is unless stated otherwise in listing terms. Shipping Is Way To Expensive to go back & forth on returns especially on larger bulky items or small ticket items. You are buying item as-is with the understanding that you are getting a really great deal on this item and all sales are final and non refundable unless sale terms specifically allow for returns. On returnable purchase eligible auctions, allowable returns will have a reasonable standard 20% restocking charge plus initial shipping charges initially paid by purchaser due to seller or a $4.75 Minimum Shipping, Handling & Packaging Charge where free shipping may have been offered on any returns on sales where returns on sales may have been authorized on purchases with returns available. This provision is not available on non-returnable sales and all non returnable sales will be final. This site sells really low priced items in a liquidation discounted setting. We test all items for operation where we can and any known deficiencies we can find will be listed in the description where and as we find them. We do our best to provide a detailed description of any deficiencies we may find and disclose these thoroughly in our item descriptions. We are not perfect as no one is, but usually we are often quite accurate on the mark in our testing of items. This site will sell both working and non working items as well as both used and new items and we do our best to provide clear item condition descriptions to allow you to make an informed and intelligent purchase decision on the item you wish to buy from us. We work hard to earn your business and we do very much appreciate your purchase and we certainly do our best to maintain a high customer satisfaction level.

We appreciate your purchase and Thanks for shopping on your Stock Warehouse Center and you can contact us on the e-mail address in the banner below!

E-Mail Now, You Will Need To Enter E-Mail Manually For Anti Spam Reasons, Thanks For Visiting Your Stock Warehouse Center!

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