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Diamond Color Video Camera, Remote Control Pan, Tilt, Zoom, Focus and Iris Controls.

Diamond Remote Control Color Camera

If you have ever wanted a full capabale pan tilt zoom remote control camera at a budget price. This is your opportunity. This camera was installed in a 175 foot long x 100 foot wide building in the middle and it could offer facial closeup zooms at the end of the building. Don't ask on resolution because I don't know. It is older and was used in a retail store cctv system initially for video anti theft surveillance and it was refitted for it's last installation in an entertainment facility for live patron video fun with a controller made specifically for it and all you need to obtain to make it work is a 12 volt regulated power supply available at any radio shack, cb radio store or electronics parts place. These are low cost. (20-30.00 retail.) I may have one around I could give a deal on as well with purchase. If I have it will be $25.00 extra with shipping included. The camera was made to be used inside a plastic dome. We did not have one of these and it was just through the drop ceiling tile & it worked just fine and was not even noticable unless it was moving. Then people would kind of look at it wondering (laughs:)

Diamond Camera MountRemote Unit Closeup

This is what you getController Wiring Made Easy

Included is about 60 feet of controller and coaxial cable to make your installation a snap. The coaxial cable may have a strange plug on it (motorola car antenna type) if memory serves right? You can use this, change this or adapt it to a standard video rca plug or whatever you want to do for your own installation.

It's not often you find a ready to go pan, tilt, zoom, focus and iris remote control color camera for this kind of price ready to install. The camera is currently mounted on a 4 foot 2x4 ready to hang from a drop ceiling now. For shipping. This really needs to be cut down to box it. I recommend not disturbing the wiring through the 2x4 to much because it does look a little delicate. When you get the camera just attach your own 2x4 extension to support it in your own ceiling. The camera will swivel almost 360 degrees with a screw in the pan track so the cable does not twist up. It does not use a commentator to transfer the signal and control voltages. It just uses the cables through the 2x4 so it could not be allowed to go continuously around as the pan could do if the screw were removed. Just play with turing the camera and figure the small area the camera cannot turn to (the thickness of the screw stop) for the are you would least likely want to view.

Camera lens

The camera is pre-wired with the controller ready for fast installation. Most people will not need this much in control cable or coaxial and I left it long so you can install it almost anywhere. The control wires have tags and there is an installation card diagram enclosed inside the controller case showing where to connect what wire. The control cables are standard computer cat cable and the color order is based on standard of telephone installion. blue orange green brown, slate. There are two cables to control all camera motor functions. Install as indicated by the tags and the card enclosed inside the controller and you have one cool camera ready to go. The tag is inside the controller because you will need to open the controller to physically mount it to your control shelf or place of your choosing. Word of caution. Treat the control wires and the camera video wires very delicately during installation. On the wiring order the engineer made one mistake on the control cable and there 1 pair of cables in the bundle the colors are revered and this is noted on the installation card for your install. Just follow the installation card to the letter and you should be good to go.

Rear of camera

This unit is being sold as it with no warranty and was working at time of removal. I will assist buyer on installation with control cables and the controls are not marked but fairly self explantory when you play with them a bit. The unit is all bundled up with the controller, cables and everything needed to install except power supply and your own video equipment of course. It should be an easy install for most people with some technical ability. I will guide as much as I can within limited time schedule. This page should answer many install questions even before you have seen the camera in person.

You can buy it for Only $200.00 for the complete system as shown plus shipping.

Diamond Color Camera with remote control pan, tilt, zoom, focus & iris.