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Dukane 60 Watt PA Amplifier

60 Watts, Lotts of power & built solid.

This Amplifier delivers 60 Watts of power and is built on all steel chassis and engineered to withstand abuse in a commercial or institutional audio environment. If you want an amplifier that will deliver plenty of high volume audio while offering excellent reliability for music and or paging either directly out to speakers or through 70 volt line transformers. This is your amplifier. It will run into any impedance load from 4 to 16 0hms and as you can see from the back panel below it utilizes heavy duty TO3 style transistors for it's output stage rather than dinky TO220s or an IC chip.

This amplifier would be suitable for restaurant, health club, lounge, automobile lot for both indoor audio or outdoor high level paging. These amps are rock solid and I never had one fail in my use of them. I have used many of the bogen pa amps and this one runs even with the most robustly engineered bogen pa,s I have worked with. This is not your puny baby amp special. This is a real workhorse. You can pick it up for a price that does not break the bank and you can probably count on that it will be the last background amp you will have to buy for a suited installation. One note I will share is these do not like to run into a high number piezo horn tweeters. Not this amp in particular but this a charachteric I have encounted on dukane amps as a whole. I have had many of these over the years in various business locations.

dukane-rear-panel.jpg (24462 bytes)

This amp was working when removed from service. Noted deficiencies are it has a screw terminal missing on the rear barrier strip which I believe is a remote switching option that most people will probably not use and it has magic marker marks on the face plate to show where to set controls in it's last installation.

You Can Buy It For $ 60.00 This amplifier is quite heavy and I am charging a $28.00 shipping fee for it's packing and delivery.

As with all of my sale items. This is a used item and is being sold as is with no warranties as to condition or fitness expressed or implied.