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Coin Operated

Dynamo Coin Op Fooseball Table Special Purchase Opportunity. 

Dynamo Arcade Tournament Foosball Table Soccer Game.

A Genuine Dynamo Foosball Table At A Bargain Price !

Dynamo Tournament Model Coin Op. Foosball Game. Unbelievable Special Purchase Opportunity!

Family Foosball Fun is getting really big once again. If you have enjoyed playing foosesball or table soccer tournament play. This is your lucky day if wanted to get your hands on an authentic Dynamo Table Soccer Game at a budget price. These can easily cost $1800.00 to $2100.00 Dollars for a new coin op. professional tournament play model table. 

Here It Is From The Other Side. Your Tournament Fooseball Tornado Table.

I have this older Dynamo Foosball Table you can pick up for a steal. I will explain it is quite dirty between years of abuse and sitting in a dusty warehouse stored for a number of years. I am cleaning out stuff or attempting to anyway and getting it photographed so somebody that needs it can use it instead of it simply collecting dust. This is the table soccer tournament classic and these are getting quite hard to find today. This table was king of the arcade and it is looking for new place where it may reign as King of The Foosball Circuit again. Bars, Lounges, Clubs, Night or Family Entertainment Venues and even family or sports bar restaurants can do quite well with these tables. With this deal you can buy it for a steal of a price and keep all of the tables earnings rather than having to split with an arcade game operator. If you are in the arcade game route business. I don't need to explain you have just found a money making dynamo that can pay for itself in no time once you place this fooseball table in a profitable location. 

Table is robustly engineered to withstand some of the worst your patrons (and mine) could possibly dish out to it. This sale price does not include cabinet locks because keys were lost after moving from building for property sale. It is open and unlocked now and you can easily re-lock it to match your own lock fleet. We had all our machines on one key which is handy or I can add new locks with matching key for one key or 2 key operation (One for the two mechanism drawer locks & one for coin box money) lock configuration. Whichever you decide. Complete assistance is available if you need it here to get up and running with this table.

Play Mechanism & Coin Mech Are Easily Accessable to attendant to service and collect money.

You Set The Price As You Like So You Decide What Level Of Profit You Are Ready To Earn With This Table!

1-4 Quarters Every Time They Play! 1,2,3 or Even Four Times The Profit, You Decide!

This Coin Op Game is currently set to play for 2 Quarters. In this Economy. Many are set to 4 Quarter Play. You Can Choose and complete assistance is available here on how to set this up if you have never done one of these before.

Table has all Table Rods, Playing Men Pieces and Quality Tournament Wood Easy Grip Handles. There are no damaged men which is also unusual to find on a used table today.

From This View You Can Almost Feel The Tablle Soccer Play Action It Will Provide In Your Location!

As for overall playing condition. Rods are rusty and some of the rods have deteriorated cushions at the playing men. The wood finish is in pretty good shape just needing a thorough cleaning. The table is playable as it is now. It is again quite dirty and I would recommend some clean up before putting back into service. Scoring Abacus on the ends are long gone and depending upon your application. I would not even bother with these. In an abusive high traffic environment. Kids will tear them up repeatedly. I always found it easier to operate without the scoring abacuses on the table. If you need these, They are obtained or even made easily enough. Overall for very little spent. This Dynamo Can Be Your Cash Profit Dynamo. People love to play foosball. Shouldn't your location be the one to supply their fun ? You can do it at a bargain price with this exciting professional Genuine Dynamo Arcade Fooseball Table Soccer Game.

As indicated. This table could use some cleanup. If you are not afraid to roll up your sleeves and work with it a bit. You will have one serious arcade or game room draw and cash generator you picked up at a bargain price!

Official Tournament Style Foosball Table. 

I believe in being honest and I am just trying to show you from every angle what you can expect with this foosball table so you can plan what you need to get to make it your own money making Tornado. 

Since this table has been for sale. Just from this sale page, I was contacted and asked and have already placed it in a live human soccer tournament location just for extra fun for the kids visiting at this event and it's earnings for less than a 1 week visit were very impressive. It's cash draw far out earned many spectacular video games I have owned in service in a busy location I previously operated. Foosball tournament action is once again catching on like wildfire! So what is the cost on this Classic Dynamo Foosball Table Soccer Game You ask ?

Thank You For Visiting Your StockWarehouse.cntr.us, We Hope You Can Find Something Great On Our Site That Will Make Your Day Great !

You Can Take It Away & Make All The Money You Want With It For Only $650.00

  • A value priced Arcade Money Maker at a price you can easily afford.

  • A Genuine Dynamo Professional Tournament Model Table, Not A Cheap Import Knockoff. The Official Dynamo Brand Name Is The Established Name They Know & Will Be Drawn To.

  • The next question is can you afford to be without this Arcade Classic High Earning Game at this price? 

  • You Have Nothing To Lose Other Than New Sales Revenues This Table Will Earn You At This Bargain Basement Price!

I am just trying to get stuff out to open up space so

As with all of my sale items. This is a used item and is being sold as is with no warranties as to condition or fitness expressed or implied. Non Returnable. 

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