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1986 Ford F-150 

Classic Farm, Ranch Style, Work Pickup Truck

You Can Buy It Really Cheap!

Ford F-150 Working Man's Special 2 wheel Drive Truck!

 Here is a handyman special fixer upper pick-up truck just waiting for the right person who can give it some time and attention. I am selling it really cheap with the understanding that you are buying an older truck that is going to need some work to bring it back into shape again. I bought this for my Father who was retired and looking for something as putter around farm playtoy. He did not get to use it too much before becoming too ill to drive and finally passing on. This truck has been used in very light duty usage and mainly sits and really just decays. Between my father and I combined. We have only put around 7,000 miles on the truck in owning it for almost a decade if that tells you anything about how little it has been used. The truck sits for the most part and this is why I really feel I need to sell it. As indicated on this site. I have several vehicles and I am really trying to scale down things to a more manageable level since selling off commercial properties over this decade. Instead of the truck turning to rust from lack of use. I would rather see someone who could use it and appreciate it put it back to work and get some use out of it once again.


This is a Full Sized Ford F-150 2 Wheel Drive F-150 basically set up as the farm and ranch style pickup with full bed liner including coverage on the tailgate. It has aluminum running boards and many work extras installed on it. It has served as a great light duty errand runner and hauler for me. The Truck has Ford's Straight 6 motor that is one the most dependable ever built by Ford. For how little the Truck is used I have marine battery in it that if it goes dead from sitting will come back to life fairly easily with a charge. Here is the cab on this truck. It has a seat cover that was there when I bought it and I have not had a need to change it. It worked fine for us. The AC does not work and I believe it is a refrigerant leak because years ago it worked when last recharged but did not after a couple of days. As an occasional work truck. We did not think we really needed AC in it.

Full Size Cab, Standard 4 Speed Floor Shift

The tires on the Truck look almost as good as they did when I bought them new and as you can tell. The Truck has hardly even been really driven by either of us as far as any real mileage goes. These tires are almost as good as new. As with any items I sell. I try and list all deficiencies where I find them so you can make an informed decision about what you are looking at purchasing. I am giving you an honest overview and if you feel that you can live with the problems this truck has or you can work with them. I think you just found yourself quite a bargain.

Instrument Cluster On This Ford F-150

Now for the problems and let's get that out of the way. The truck has a cracked windshield from a hale storm and being that I don't really drive it. I did not want to turn in a claim to my insurance company on something this insignificant since I hardly even drive it. I pay a good bit for insurance because of so many vehicles so I am very cautious about filing a claim if I do not have to. In most states. You can get a windshield replaced free under your own insurance as I could if I were planning to keep this truck. Since I know I am not. I figured I would let the next person have this fun. Next in the picture below of the front. One of the lenses on the amber marker lights is missing and you can see this on the front view below.

Ford F-150 Front

As you can see the headlights are the old style glass lamp assemblies that only cost around $10.00 - $13.00 each for the whole thing instead of crappy plastic lenses that fog up or crack and cost $150.00-$200.00 to replace. This Truck is heavy steel and has a chrome front bumper which looks pretty good and a painted gray steel step bumper on the rear. As I have said. This is a serious working man's truck and not a plastic toy like many that are made today. 

As for indicating problems. Here we go. The front brakes tend to stick and grab with extended start & stop driving. I know there is air in the front brake line that was never bled out. Perhaps a sticking caliper, It had some brake work and I know it has not been right since. This is something that will need to be addressed. The radiator is restricted I believe because during idle. It will heat up too rapidly. It has a new thermostat so I am assuming there is a restriction in the radiator and I have not had a chance to have it flow tested. On the road it will do fine. It just cannot do start and stop idle condition driving at the current time with this problem. The truck just need some time and attention like I said and you could have a really nice classic vehicle with a little work on your part for a bargain basement price. 

Now for the body problems. From what I can tell of this vehicle it was used in a coastal area for a bit of it's life and I think the salt exposure might have taken it's toll under the rear wheel wells. Both rear wheel wells have rusted through and I am showing you this damage in the pictures below so you can decide how you wanted to handle this. It has an errand hauler for us so I did not even worry about it and I have easy access to a body shop if that tells you anything. I was not trying to impress anyone with it and it was simply a work project hauler for me after Dad passed on.

I am giving you a close-up view of the affected areas on the truck and my guess is a guy who is handy with bondo and fiberglass will have this taken care of at low cost in an afternoon. Fiberglass is messy but if you are patient. It is not too bad to do a repair like these areas. If I had the free time. I would go ahead and do it but I still do not have too much free time on my hands yet. Overall this truck great full sized ford F-150 2wd Ford Truck still has a good bit of life left in it and is a great candidate for someone looking for a classic truck to restore that you can pick up for a bargain. If you want a low cost work Truck. You can't go wrong here either. It has a full sized 8 foot long bed that was built to work. This is not some dinky little shortbed or small pickup like you find today. This is the real deal in a working full size pickup. When you find decent full sized trucks today they are often prohibitively expensive for a person trying to start a small service oriented business or someone needing affordable dependable work transportation on a budget.

Here is a rear view of this 2 Wheel Drive Ford F-150 Truck with the tailgate up.

Rear View Ford Truck

Here is view of the bed and toolbox with the tailgate down. This Truck has an Aluminum Tool Box that will be included with the sale of this Truck to the purchaser.

Great Toolbox with Locking Doors. Again A Serious Working Man's Truck!

The toolbox will lock and you will get the key to the tool box as well as the Truck with your purchase.

 So what is my price for this vehicle you ask ? You Can Buy It For The Low Price of Only $ 1,500.00 and if you do not want the tool box. You can deduct $100.00 off of the price. I really like the toolbox and I might keep it for another truck if you do not want it.

It's a great working man's truck at a bargain price. 

This vehicle has a clear title and I have attempted to list any and all deficiencies known to me at the time I have advertised this vehicle for sale. As with all of my sale items. This is a used item and is being sold as is with no warranties as to condition or fitness expressed or implied. Buyer is purchasing this Vehicle with no warranty whatsoever and agrees to take vehicle where is, as is. I will give it to you running and from here on out it is the responsibility of the buyer and purchase of this vehicle is acceptance of these terms.


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