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Musician, Professional Recording Studio Grade 


Right Angle PC Board Mounting Gold USB Jack Special Purchase Import Deal From Your 


While These Gold USB Jacks Are Designed & Sold By A Professional Musician & Recording Studio Supply Manufacturing Company They Are Most Ideal For USB Midi Keyboards & DAW Controllers, DAW Interface & Controller Devices, USB audio Interface, USB Microphones, USB Digital Audio Consoles Or Even Motherboard Or Computer Case Upgrades For A Variety Of Damaged USB Jack Replacement Needs & Studio Upgrade Needs. 

Use With Any USB Port Device You Might Have That Uses This 4 Terminal PCB USB Jack Case Configuration & Step Up To Gold Performance!

Wow, Studio Quality Musician Grade USB Jacks are normally very expensive in many higher end music gear shops if you can even find them. We have the Studio Solutions GOLD Plated which are very popular with a diversity of both professional musicians, top industry sound engineers and designers plus many other serious Music Industry Pros who insist on the Studio Solutions GOLD USB Jacks for both any replacement and music performance upgrade enhancement requirements for their music needs. Now under this special import deal. Almost anyone can now have affordable access to these once cost prohibitive preferred USB Studio essentials at a significant discount from their normal suggested retail selling price of $34.95 as seen with many finer pro audio & recording studio suppliers.

Many of us have discovered annoying Latency issues and many of us have had to put up with Slow Response Latency from traditional USB MIDI Music Devices or when trying to use these with many modern 16 or even 24 Bit Rate USB Microphones and getting weird echo or trash noises in our recordings. We all know this is no fun at all! We want fast crisp audio music signal clear and untouched by connector or cable noise associated with many normal USB Connectors & Cables we might find!

Until recently, Gold Low Latency USB Connectors specifically designed for MIDI or Digital Audio Recording Applications have been quite expensive or even prohibitively high end for many home studios to obtain an assortment of connectors or cables you would like to have on hand for your USB MIDI Keyboard, Microphone or even Digital Audio Workstation Remote Controller.

Thanks to a successful recent import deal we were able to secure. You now have a choice of the preferred Studio Solutions Accessory brand as used in many top Recording Studios at a price anyone can afford. We now have available, these GOLD USB 2.0 MIDI Keyboard or USB Optimized Microphone PC Board Mounting Jacks that we are now able to offer you at significantly discount rates.

If These Gold USB Connectors Shown Above Are The Style Used On Your USB MIDI Musical Keyboard Controller, USB Mic Or DAW Controller ? This Should Be A Must Have For You To Achieve A Super High Speed, Low Latency & Lowest Noise Connection To Bring Your USB Recording Capabilities Up To True Professional Studio Standards! We will emphasize that these connectors are in no way a fix for recording latency issues that may exist in your computer such as configuration issues with a Soundcard, Audio or MIDI Recording Interface, but they certainly are a great step in right direction to offer a Lowest Latency, High Conductivity Speed Link Solution to bring all your devices together without worrying about adding significant latency problems one frequently may encounter with many traditional inferior dime value connectors frequently encountered on many pieces of Digital Audio & Computer Music Recording Gear when trying to use these in High Speed M.I.D.I. (Musical Instrument Digital Interface) or USB Audio To Digital High Speed Real-time Audio Link Connections! 

  • Replace Your Loose Or Non Functioning USB M.I.D.I. Jack On Your USB MIDI Keyboard Controller, Microphone, USB Audio Interface, USB Audio Mixing Console or even Digital Audio Workstation Remote Controller For BEst Performance!

  • Ideal For Upgrade Even For Standard 1.0, 1.2 or 2.0 Functional USB Jacks To Enhance Performance Allowing You To Enjoy Lowest Possible Connection Data Transfer Speeds Available Through GOLD HIGH Conductivity Performance.

  • Nice Cosmetic Enhancement As Well for USB 2.0 Compatible Studio Equipment and Shares With Potential Recording Studio Clients Or Those Looking At Your Professionalism as a Performing Musician, Stage Or Studio Engineer that you are most serious about your Music Production Hardware when they notice these premium GOLD USB connectors on your your key component USB Studio Equipment!

Nothing just seems to make the statement or real professional class like these premium grade professional Studio Preferred USB connectors ! 

Here is the popular GOLD PCB Mounting USB Jack we imported as it comes in the package exactly as you will receive it.


While these Gold Plated USB Jacks are more designed for the working serious professional recording or music service technician, the Do-It-Yourself Tech/Musician Home Studio Experimenter who maybe is not quite as experienced in changing these who is a little nervous, but yet who posses basic electronics service skills or is just determined enough to Do-It-Yourself very well may save some very serious hard earned cash in this economy. 

A standard bench fee just to get started plus parts in many electronic repair shops is often around $75.00-$85.00 if you want to give yourself an idea of just how much you are saving. This repair or upgrade should be able to be accomplished with a standard basic bench visit with most experienced repair technicians.

Our own experience with installing these has taught us, 

  • If You Can Use A Screwdriver Or Tools Needed To Get Access Into The MIDI Keyboard,  DAW Controller USB Microphone, Computer Or Other Equipment You Need To Repair, 

  • Small Needle Nose Electronics Pliers For Bending Down PCB Board Ground & Physical Mount Terminals/Connector Holders.  

  • A Soldering Iron With Standard Rosin Core Solder and either De-Soldering Wick/Braid (Cheap, Easy & Often Locally Available, our recommendation as well) Or A De-soldering Iron (Air Bulb Style) If you Happen To Have One Of These and are Comfortable Using These  ?

  • We Recommend A Third Hand Technician's Helper with a Magnifying Glass or at least a good a Magnifying Glass to have on-hand For Better Visibility as the 4 USB Terminals are quite small where they are to be soldered to the PC Board. 

We will add that we recommend that you should be fairly experienced with a soldering iron or if you are not quite ready to solder this yet, We strongly advise you to practice on something you won't damage or doesn't matter if you do damage it just to practice before attempting to install your own Gold USB Jack to not damage your new Gold Plated USB Jack or the PC Board foil trails of the device you are working with. 

A word of caution it is very easy to overheat either the USB Jack & Melt the terminals or damage the foil trails on your PCB of your own device so with this said. Of course any repairs you perform are totally at your own risk as we cannot be responsible if you damage or destroy something either due to negligence or improper installation of this component as it is being sold as-is as a raw electronic component primarily designed for the experienced music professional technician or engineer to install. With this said, all repairs or upgrades are done at your own risk. We are simply aware that many want to do many simple repairs or upgrades themselves without paying expensive service shop fees and for those determined individuals. We are offering these helpful suggestions at absolutely no charge to you so you can't beat a deal like that ! 

  • Before replacing your USB Jack, we would strongly recommend to learn to pre-tin a wire and attach while quickly heating your test connection to learn not to over bake a component of any type. 

  • I would also strongly recommend practicing with your de-soldering wick or braid to learn to properly use this as this is a learned skill acquired through through patience, practice and experience. DO NOT Rush Any Micro Repair Such As This If You Want It To Turn Our Right! 

Just more helpful tips for the potential first-time installer of your own Gold USB Jack if you have never done one of these before.

With practice and a little developed skill, You should be able to change your own USB Jack and we definitely agree from all we have seen as we have seen quite a few novice installers take this on.

The one extra caution I will through in this listing if you are not experienced with this is to make sure you are comfortable soldering because as these Gold USB Jacks are quite small as we obviously have them enlarged for detailed viewing. I could see it highly possible for someone overheating the leads on the new jack or the foil trails on your Printed Circuit Board of your device and damaging it which is now well mentioned! 

I will also add that getting into many keyboards and USB devices can be aggravating if you have never dis-assembled one of these and these easy hints in this description we think are worth many times more than the small price of this highly discounted, Special Purchase Opportunity GOLD USB Jack designed to save you a whole lot of time and mental aggravation once you plan what is required to replace a USB Jack yourself.

So What's The Catch ? - Many are asking how we could possibly offer a hot in-demand item like this at this much of a discounted price when you will hardly ever see a music store discounting these ? The answer is pretty simple. We routinely work with Asian Exporters and we frequently look around to find pro-gear merchandise where there might have been some kind of manufacturing flaw and this happens in China more often than many would imagine. Hopefully the flaws we find for the discounts offered are good and this deal we think is gold! We literally bought all we could get them to ship to us under this import deal and the rest is great musician electronics history in how well we did we think!

The Retail Plastic hanger tab that is normally provided on these Gold USB PCB Mount Jacks for retail merchandising was not added to these retail display packages causing major headaches as these were caught at final boxing for shipment. We will share that some of of the product packages may or may not have the slot in the top for the plastic hanger to go through for these to be added when they are packaged in manufacturing.  For those looking at reselling these. For this price, you can always use a hole punch to get a hanger hole if you need to shelf hang these for the money you are saving on buying these at below wholesale pricing levels!

If You Can Accept This Product Without The Plastic Hanger Display Tab As Shown Below, We Can Save You A Whole Lot Of Money On It !

Normally Supplied Plastic Hangtab For Resale Will NOT Be Included With The Gold USB Jack You Receive Under This Significantly Discounted Special Purchase Offer!

You Can Buy This Item Now For Only $14.50 With FREE Shipping & Handling Out The Door To You Anywhere in The United States. Those interested in Export Shipping. Please Contact Us For Availability of Export Shipping For This Product. Please Indicate What County You Would Like Item To Be Shipped To In Your Contact As Well. This Totally FREE Shipping Deal Is For The United States Only. 

As with all of my sale items on this site. While this site sells both new & used items. This New In The Package Item is being sold as is with no warranties as to condition or fitness expressed or implied. Shipping Is Way To Expensive to go back & forth on returns especially on larger bulky items. You are buying item as is with the understanding that you are getting a really great deal on it and all sales are final and non refundable. This site sells really low priced items in a liquidation discounted setting. We test all items for operation where we can and any known deficiencies we can find will be listed in the description where and as we find them. We do our best to provide a detailed description of any deficiencies we may find and disclose these thoroughly in our item descriptions. We are not perfect as no one is, but usually we are pretty close on the mark in our testing of items. This site will sell both working and non working items as well as both used and new items and we do our best to provide clear item condition descriptions to allow you to make an informed and intelligent purchase decision on the item you wish to buy from us.

We appreciate your purchase and Thanks for shopping on your Stock Warehouse Center and you can contact us on the e-mail address in the banner below!

E-Mail Now, You Will Need To Enter E-Mail Manually For Anti Spam Reasons, Thanks For Visiting Your Stock Warehouse Center!

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