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Konica Minolta 5D Camera Body Only.

Konica Minolta Maxxum 5D Dimage Digital SLR Camera

Here is the story and why this Minolta Maxxum or also known as Dimage in Europe is why it is for sale. The camera one day when turned on made a vibrating feeling and would not take pictures when I very much needed it to. It will still auto focus and lock in for the picture with the confirmation beeps and the anti-shake icon illuminates in the viewfinder if you have it on when you attempt to take a pic. Nothing happens. Then when you turn off the camera. The rear L.E.D. stays on. I have to take out the battery to make it stay on. This camera sale will include a battery but no charger when sold. It is being sold as the camera body only. New High Capacity Batteries are really cheap online for these. I only have one left as another one I had was basically bad & I think it was pitched when I had things out moving around after a recent trip. I want to hang on to the charger until I decide which camera I am buying and what will work. 

L.E.D. Stays on when power is turned off.

The Konica Minolta division has been sold to SONY and I am told it is a detailed and slow process to send it back to SONY for repair. With my schedule. I travel allot and I simply don't have time to play around with sending it back and trying to find out what is going on with it. I am looking strongly at picking up a new SONY Alpha A-Series to replace it. This Minolta Maxxum Digital Camera was great when working and I really hate to lose it because there are some things that I don't like about the SONY Alpha series cameras in comparison. I have used this camera in engineering very close & fine detail work and it performs superbly when working. On rare occasion now it might let you take pictures. (Don't get your hopes up to depend on it though) In it's present state it is much too unreliable for my own uses so I have made the decision to replace it. I have made 20"x30" architectural enlargements from this cam that turned out absolutely superb. I am not happy about the SONY acquisition of Minolta but I guess I have to live with it. 

Internal fold up hinged flash takes fantastic pictures.

I have a significant investment in Minolta Maxxum lenses and I want to stick with this format. I guess SONY inherits me as their customer for another camera which I am trying to work out to buy at the time this was posted. 

This Camera Looks Almost Brand New

This camera looks almost as good as they do new in the showroom and the display also has a screen protector on it. You will only find a few light very unnoticeable surface scratches anywhere on it. The smudges on the screen protector are just that and will wipe off. This only even showed up because of the flash. I did not even realize it had smudges until later when I looked at the pictures I made of this camera.

Anti Shake helps for fast action clear pictures and camera shake in lower lighting levels.

The camera has Minolta's Anti Shake Technology that works wonderfully when the camera is functioning normally to offer really superb pictures. For fast action or lower light levels. The anti-shake really can save what might normally be a bad picture. With the anti shake. I hardly ever had to use a tripod. I have one but it is covered in dust if you know what I mean on this. The controls and menu items are very intelligently designed and I am much more comfortable with these than what SONY is offering. The display is very bright, easy to read and attractively designed.

Here is a close-up of the display.

Really nice display.

These pics are made as it is today with it's current problem. I used a cheesy point and shoot cannon I also have around and the display picture came out blurry. It is very sharp to see in person. 

The camera uses the industry standard of the compact Flash Card. The CF1 is not included with this sales as I want to use it with my next camera rather that the SONY Alpha Memory Stick as they are trying to push onto us.

Uses CF1 Memory Card Not Included.

The Memory Door & Battery doors are much more substantial in feeling than what they are offering on the SONY DSLR Cameras as well. I am not thrilled about replacing this one. I have found a deal locally on a SONY so I guess reluctantly for the sake of time. I am about to purchase it. If you have patience and can wait and deal with the SONY repair center. You have just found a heck of deal on a beautiful Digital SLR or DSLR Camera that will put you into a professional digital camera at a budget price. Digital Body Maxxum or Europeon Dimage Cameras are really expensive. This is your chance to pick up one for repair and you can get it for a steal. Again this sale is for the Digital Body only. No Lenses or accessories are included with this deal.

The Purchase Price will be ONLY $ 135.00 with FREE Shipping Included anywhere in the United States.

Intermittent Operation Only. Buy It As A Non Working Camera Either to fix yourself or send back to a SONY Repair Center or facility of your own choice for repair. Sold As-Is Where-Is.

As with all of my sale items. This is a used item and is being sold as is with no warranties as to condition or fitness expressed or implied. I have attempted to explain this as thoroughly as humanly possible in this sale advertisement. It is non returnable and you are buying it as is only. Thank you for time in reading this and if you want to pick up one of these at a bargain price now. Please e-mail me at the address banner above left and I will be happy to get it out to you very promptly. It is already boxed and ready for shipment. It simply needs to know who it's next patient photographer will be who can work with getting it fixed. 

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