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Is it possible to get a Premium Quality Hand Crafted All Tube Guitar Amplifier around 60% OFF or discounted from it's normal selling price? The great news is we have now made this kind of deal now possible for you!

As Far As We Can Find, We Now Have The Lowest Price Available In The Entire USA on this Krank Amplifier We Have Been Able To Find Anywhere For An Unused, New Boxed Unit Like This Without Playing Time On It! 

You can Check Out These YouTube Videos Below About this Amp and the Krank Amplifier Company on these supplied links below. The videos will open in a new Window so you don't loose your place here on this great amplifier special purchase deal.

Krank Rev+ Plus Demo Video featuring a variety of playing styles on this amp

A Little Better visual Show Of The Black Model Of This Amplifier

A Tour Of The Krank Amplifier Factory. See How & Where Theses Amps Are Built ! 

A Review Of The Krank Rev+ where the user shares it is a most versatile tube amp capable of many great music styles including singing blues riffs, crisp, clean jazzy and much more beyond just metal as these amps are well known for. It is a fine built hand crafted tube amp capable of keeping up with pretty much anything on the market with some of the finest components available anywhere at any price in a tube amplifier. 

This amp is basically a nice tube amp comparable to many others similar and probably a little more meticulous in the craftsmanship area.

Dimebag Darrell & the original Rev Plus

If you are a serious guitarist, you will find a little of probably everything you like rolled into this amplifier including influences, feelings and sounds found on Mesa, Marshall, Peavey, Fender, Orange and more.

LISTEN TO THIS AMP BELOW ! We also have a little music clip produced using one of these Krank Rev+ Amps by a great friend and customer who purchased one of these from us below. You can listen to his song clip with his own band with Drums & Bass Included in this mix and see for yourself what he has put his own Krank Amp up to. 

We think it sounds very nice! He is using this exact model Krank Revolution Plus & A Gibson Les Paul Standard Guitar with Twin Marshall 4x12 Speaker Cabinets. Also known as a Double Stack Configuration. This Krank Rev+ has since replaced his Marshall Amp Head!

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Krank Rev + Revolution Plus 120 Watt Ref, Rep All Tube (Valve) Electric Guitar Amplifier Head

ROCK YOUR BLOCK, ROCK YOUR CITY OR ROCK THE ENTIRE USA With One Of The Lowest Prices Available In The Entire USA On A New-In-The-Box, Unused Krank 120 Watt Ref, Rep 120 Amp!

Our Special Purchase Deal Lets You Do This At A Great Price That Does NOT Rock, Bottom Your Bank Account!

New In-Box All Tube 120 Watt Premium Quality Krank Rev+ Amplifier Closeout Priced To Move FAST!

Silver Cabinet With The Big Chrome Grill Special Purchase Discount Closeout Price Slashed Deal !

We were able to acquire a small number of these High Powered Krank Rev, Ref Series 2, 120 Watt All Tube Guitar Amp Heads At A Major Discounted Price and make this a really sweet deal for you here on your StockWarehouse.cntr.us site.

Krank Rev Fer 120 All Tube Amplifier Rear Case View

While these might have been designed and heavily marketed toward a more Metal Rock Crowd. We have found these to be a most powerful warm sounding amp that will work great for almost any music style from a very smooth clean sound to the most outrageous metal rock and roll dirty, but smooth distortion inherent in an all-tube design amplifier like this American Made, All Hand Wired Boutique Designed Tube Amp.

So what was the gripe  or beef with these amps that cause many to steer away from them ? I will share this and it's really quite simple. The Price they originally cost was way, way out there (originally close to 3 grand which is fantasy land in this economy in my opinion) bringing me to my next and main point that if you were able to get a premium boutique engineered, hand wired amp for a song and dance. You might take another look it in a different light. This deal makes that now possible.

Those of us around here may not be the best Guitarist, but quite a few of us have really fallen deeply in love the great sound of these amps. The versatility of these amps is simply amazing when you sit down with one and really play around wiht the controls making one of our people buy one of these for himself and basically retire a classic fender amp he was playing before we got these in. These are neat story in which you can see in the videos to the left where these amps were basically designed as a one-up engineered amp to out perform almost any comparable amplifier from Marshall, Mesa/Boogie, Fender, Orange, Hiwatt, Vox, Soldano, Peavey, Blackstar, Laney, Hughes and Ketner, Matchless, Bad Cat, Two-Rock,  plus more! In fact these were so well and very robustly engineered that the company basically went broke from overbuilding and overspending on these almost too well as they are basically built like a tank compared to many out there! Speaking of tanks, it is no coincidence that the 6550 Sovtek tubes in these amps were actually Russian engineered to the highest specifications for use previously in the Russian Military giving us just another glimpse at just how robustly engineered these Krank Amp Heads really were designed and built.

These were designed to nicely go up against a Marshall JCM800 typical 100 Watt Amp Head and our own experience has found these to do quite nicely since it is in fact more powerful and built as a one-up design to this amp with its massive 120 watts of power as well many others from all that we have learned to out perform almost any competing amplifier in its class. These Made In America, Hand Crafted Valve Amps originally sold retail for close to $3,000.00 new and we now have the remaining stock on these all tube or valve amps bargain basement priced to move under our special purchase we were able to acquire on these remaining units that have now been closed out of production.

To put this into a better perspective you can appreciate. I will use cars as an example. The Chevrolet Suburban has always been the robustly engineered and most sought after vehicle loved for generations and is well known as an all around workhorse. If you remember a while back. Ford introduced the Excursion which was essentially almost exclusively engineered as a One-Up on the classic Chevy Suburban to out spec it in almost every way for basic bragging rights. This great renown vehicle in almost every way and this reflected in the price too! The public was not happy with the Excursion price and ultimately Ford discontinued the Excursion because it was just no longer feasible to produce these vehicles at this price point, but never the less it is still a way tough engineered top performing vehicle that survive in force on the road today that you probably would love to drive if you got a deal on one. 

This is kind of how I look at these amps. It can easily do almost anything you want to do and give a variety of great sounds. I will share that some patience is in order to really play around with the many possibilities in the settings which many impatient people today simply will not do. 

You might not want to pay list price for it, but if you were shopping for a Chevy Suburban and ran across a Ford Excursion at better than 60% off of the price, you might look at it in a little different light which is how we came to acquire the remaining stock of these amplifiers.

We have tried to extensively photograph this amp as much as possible to give you an exact idea of what you get with this amp and to attempt to display the true hand crafted detail of the craftsmanship this amp has to offer with its most flexible and versatile front control panel.

with its very precision feeling knobs giving you extensive precision control allowing you to quickly dial in almost any type of guitar sound you might be looking for.

All Remaining Units Will Be Shipped In Original Factory Packing Carton with the Krank Double Footswitch included as shown.

All Reaminag Amplifiers Will Be Shipped In Original Factory Shipping Carton With The Double FootSwitch Included At No Additional Charge!

If you are a Tube Amplifier Lover, you really owe it to yourself to pick up this special purchase deal on this amplifier. The 4 (not two) Sovtek 6550 output Tubes used in this amplifier are one of the most preferred among true Guitar Sound Purist as well as the ever popular 12AX7 tubes in the preamp section of this amp. The 6550 Sovtek tubes in this amp in our opinion definitely give this amp a more punchy live presence in chord play than the EL34 offered in a comparison with the Marshall Amp Head we had access to as the EL34 output tube is often used in many Marshall Amp Heads if that tells you anything as well from our own playing test with this amp that we kept for our own use.

In a nutshell, it has all the great components of one of the World's Greatest Sounding Guitar Amps you can possibly get on the planet at any price. Under this special offer, you can pick it up for an unheard of low price on a quality handcrafted tube or valve amp of this caliber.

Not 2, But 4 Great Sounding Sovtek 6550 Output Tubes For A Nice Natural Warm Sound At Massive Volume Levels If Needed!

Yes this amplifier of course features the World Renown 12AX7 Tubes In The Preamp Section For A Very Natural Warm Sound at the Lowest Or Highest Volume Levels Second To None!

The Krank Rev+ Features World Famous 12AX7 Preamp Tubes For A Natural Warm Sound Second To None!

For all of you who are in love with the in-your-face, LOUD concept of the classic stack such as the well known Marshall Amp Stacks. We have a special deal for you on this Krank Tube Amplifier unit that can take you to the next level and has been featured on many famous performance stages and even within the Guitar Hero Video Games. 

We have this amp priced where it can become your own hero for much less than you would actually pay for almost any other comparable new amplifier in this specialty hand wired, boutique tube amp class or power range amp head.

Krank Rev Plus 120 Watt All Tube Amplfier Head Special Purchase Deal!

This Amp head will give you all the power to distance you from your neighbors if that is what floats your boat or for the more professional minded, it will get you really screaming and shining on stage with enough power to cut through the loudest band members!

Fully capable connections on rear panel make connecting this amplifier to your favorite cabinet stack a real breeze with the handy impendence selector for your speakers, multi voltage capability for International touring at your fingertips as well as the setup for the deluxe footswitch included with this amplifier. Its all here and waiting for you under this lowest price in the Nation Special Purchase Offer we have made available to you.

The Krank Ref 120 makes it a snap to Plug-In, Rock & Roll or it is easily ready for any music genre you can throw at it!

This is your chance to get your hands on the Precision Hand Crafted American Made True Vacuum Tube Amp that Totally Makes Your Big Guitar Amplifier Stack Super Loud and most Ideal For Death Metal Guitar, Heavy Rock & Roll or really any style of Guitar playing that suites you where you really want to be heard with this unit's footswitchable selectable channels of "Krank" or "Kleen" that you can pair up with your favorite 4x12 cabinet or double cabinets such as a double stack giving you 8, 12 inch drivers. This amp head gives you all the power to ring through loud and in their face just the way you want to be heard with the meticulous craftsmanship worked into this Made In The USA Super Workhorse Amp.

Precision Hand Crafted All Tube Hand Wired, High Powered Amplfier Priced Way Under What You Will Normally Find These For!

We also now have the special offer below where you can get FREE shipping on this Amplifier Head anywhere in the Entire USA included at no extra charge which is a significant bonus based on both the large size and heavy weight design of this most robust steel chassis and massive transformer amp design!

The Cabinet Finish on these are the Silver Case With The Big Chrome Flashy Grill To Make These Really Gleam In Stage Lighting For Those Looking To Perform with these amplifiers!

 Durable Silver Cabinet With The BIG Chrome Grill Option To Look Its Best and Reflect any stage lighting color in your performance!

These Amp Stack Heads Are Built Like A Tank! They Feature Premium Cabinet Hardware and a Very Nicely Made Heavy Duty Handle To Make Your Transportation of this amp as easy as possible.

Very Durable Premium Quality Cabinet Amp Stack Head Hardware To Give Your The Utmost Durability In Travel, Performance, Touring Or Almost Any Kind Of Gigging!

For The Safety Of Your Amp Head Purchase, We have now Opened The Remainder of these In-Stock Tube Amps and Personally Powered These Up To Confirm They Are In Fact Operational So You Can Be Assured You Are Getting A New & Now Tested Amplifier since we did purchase these on a Closeout as we now can safely say these are NOT some D.O.A. that will be headaches down the road.

Every remaining amp head in stock has now been hooked up to a Real 4x12 stack cabinet and had a Real Guitar Plugged Into It and Even Been Played A Little By A Real (not necessarily a great guitarist though :) Person to confirm these amplifiers do in fact work as designed and all units have performed flawlessly (more than we can say for the guitarist who have played these to test them out anyway :) with the end result that everyone anywhere in the proximity would wonder when our test would be over since we may not be too hot in the musician department ourselves. 

All Units In Stock are shipped in the Original Factory Krank Revolution + Amplifier Shipping Carton with the footswitch and all original packing materials included with your purchase.

Krank Rev Plus Amp Stack Head In Oringal Factory Plastic Ready To Ship To You FAST!

Krank Amplification Product Description

Prepare yourself for the second generation of Krank's flagship Rev Series One amps, the Rev +. Now with upgraded heavy duty transformers and 4 Massive 6550 Sovtek tubes in the power section, the Rev + packs a walloping 120 Watts of power to produce an even bigger high gain sound than the original. 

The "Krank" channel features a 3-band EQ, volume, two footswitchable masters, gain, presence and parametric sweep control. The "Kleen" channel features a 3-band EQ, volume and a new "boost" button to add sparkle and drive. Other new features are an active effects loop. Also included are ohm and voltage selectors, line out, manual channel switch, and metal chrome grille.

Krank Amps Revolution Plus Guitar Amplifier Head

The Krank Amps legend starts here with the 120-Watt Revolution Plus all-tube, hand wired touring head.

Proudly designed and built in the USA by most dedicated bunch of amp fanatics ever assembled, the Krank Revolution Plus features two channels each with separate volume and concert tuned 3-band EQs. Two separate Master Volume controls on the Krank channel allow for switching from power chord to solo level and the Master Presence control adjusts both Kleen and Krank channels to your cabinet. The proprietary Sweep control on the Krank channel gives the Revolution an infinite variety of tone voices and we promise that your sound is in there just waiting for you to dial it up. Loaded with four premium Electro Harmonix 12AX7 preamp tubes and four premium Sovtek 6550 power tubes, the Revolution was built with absolutely no compromises.

Krank Amps Revolution Plus Guitar Amplifier Head

The Krank Amps legend starts here with the 120-Watt Revolution Plus all-tube, hand wired touring head.

Proudly designed and built in the USA by most dedicated bunch of amp fanatics ever assembled, the Krank Revolution Plus features two channels each with separate volume and concert tuned 3-band EQs. Two separate Master Volume controls on the Krank channel allow for switching from power chord to solo level and the Master Presence control adjusts both Kleen and Krank channels to your cabinet. The proprietary Sweep control on the Krank channel gives the Revolution an infinite variety of tone voices and we promise that your sound is in there just waiting for you to dial it up. Loaded with four premium Electro Harmonix 12AX7 preamp tubes and four premium Sovtek 6550 power tubes, the Revolution was built with absolutely no compromises.

This Revolution Amplifier Stack Head includes a rugged, all-steel two-button footswitch for channel switching and switching between the two channel master volumes on the Krank channel. The Revolution head is perfectly matched to the Revolution 4 X 12 solid wood touring cabinet with matching black steel grill and loaded with Eminence V12 Legend drivers.

Krank Amps Revolution Plus 120 Watt Hand Built Guitar Amplifier Head Features

  • 2 switchable channels – Kleen and Krank

  • Exclusive EQ sweep control on the Krank channel

  • Separate volume and 3-band EQs per channel

  • 2 footswitchable Master Volume controls on the Krank channel

  • Master Presence control for both channels

  • Premium Electro Harmonix 12AX7 preamp tubes

  • 4 Premium Sovtek 6550 power tubes

  • Line out for direct to console connection if you want this.

  • 4, 8, and 16-ohm speaker output impedance selector Series effects loop

The Krank Amps Revolution tube head features two channels with separate volume, bass, mid, and treble controls.

If you are sick and tired of reading guitar amp descriptions that go on and on about their sound and features, but when you finally hear the amp it sounds nothing like what was promised, then you're in for a refreshing surprise. Krank's goal was to build a modern and perfect tube guitar amp by correcting the mistakes of other manufacturers. For example, many of the features of other amps on the market are unnecessary and suck the tone and life out of the amp. By completely rethinking how high-gain guitar amps are built, the Revolution series was born. In contrast to other amps on the market, Krank's design creates true stability of the circuit and allows a guitarist to sculpt tone. At Krank, they like to think they have broken new ground in amplifier technology. The result is the Krank Revolution Series 120-watt Head.


Imagine how hard your amp has to work to both amplify your guitar and hum! If you want to hear what it sounds like when a guitar amp is only amplifying the pure tone of your guitar, plug into the new Krank Revolution Plus Series One Head and you will never go back. The Kleen channel is buttery and punchy with vintage tube tone. Simple, but truly Kleen. The Krank channel is Armageddon through your speakers: the crunchiest gain you’ve heard to date (without collapsing on itself) and still extremely clear. Whether you’re playing bar chords or open chords, you can hear all of the strings ring through clearly. Just listen to the difference and you too will join the Revolution.

Product Specifications

Krank Amps Revolution Plus Hand Built Guitar Amplifier Head Specifications

    120-watt guitar head

    Two channels with separate volume, bass, mid, and treble controls.

    Two separate master volume controls on the distortion channel for lead boosting through a footswitch.

    Presence control for Kleen and Krank channels.

    Proprietary sweep control on the distortion channel, which changes the overall values of the EQ for the entire amp.

    Four 6550 output tubes.

    Four 12AX7 preamp tubes. vLine output.

    4, 8, and 16 ohm speaker outputs.

    Footswitch controls channel and master volume selections.


The Revolution includes a rugged, all-steel two-button footswitch for channel switching and switching between the two channel master volumes on the Krank channel.

    Upgraded transformers

    6550 power tubes


    "Krank" and "Kleen" channels each feature 3-band EQ

    Active effects loop

    Ohm and voltage selectors

    Manual channel switch

    Metal Chrome Grille

Two channel, footswitchable 120 Watt Tube (Valve) head

  • Preamp four 12AX7 tubes,

  • Power Amp Section four Sovtek 6550 tubes

  • Separate volume and 3 band eq sections per channel

  • Footswitchable Master 1 and Master 2 controls, gain, sweep control on Krank channel and a boost on Kleen channel

  • Global presence control, active effects loop, worldwide voltage use, ohm selector, footswitch included


You Can Buy This Made In America Classic Treasure Amp Now For Extremely Way Under What These Were Designed To Sell For At Only $1,250.00 With FREE Shipping & Handling Out The Door To You In Many Areas in The United States while the remaining inventory last!

Honestly and admittedly, I might not pay 3 thousand or even two thousand dollars for this amp as many are still selling these for. 

At this low price we have these Krank 120 Watt Ref Series 2 Amps for offered for, who could possibly say no ? Get yours while we still have them this cheap!

Those interested in Export Shipping. Please Contact Us For Availability of Export Shipping On This Product. Please Indicate What County You Would Like Item To Be Shipped To In Your Contact As Well. This Shipping Deal Is For The United States Only. Unfortunately as big and heavy as these are, International Shipping Will Most Likely Be Prohibitively Expensive For Most Purchasers! 

As with all of my sale items on this site. While this is a previously New, Unsold & Unused Item, it is being sold as is with no warranties as to condition or fitness expressed or implied. Shipping Is Way To Expensive to go back & forth on returns especially on larger bulky items. You are buying item as is with the understanding that you are getting a really great deal on it and all sales are final and non refundable. This site sells really low priced items in a liquidation discounted setting. We test all items for operation where we can and any known deficiencies we can find will be listed in the description where and as we find them. We do our best to provide a detailed description of any deficiencies we may find and disclose these thoroughly in our item descriptions. We are not perfect as no one is, but usually we are pretty close on the mark in our testing of items. This site will sell both working and non working items as well as both used and new items and we do our best to provide clear item condition descriptions to allow you to make an informed and intelligent purchase decision on the item you wish to buy from us.

We appreciate your purchase and Thanks for shopping on your Stock Warehouse Center and you can contact us on the e-mail address in the banner below!

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