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Gat A Below Dealer Cost Factory Special On High Power Audio 15 Inch Bass Woofers!


Legacy LW159X High Powered Woofers

Buy 1 Now Below Dealer Cost! Price Punch Out Deal ! Buy1 Now!

Or Buy A Matched Pair New In Original Boxes & Save More!

2 Woofers At 1 Great Low Price!

Oh Yeah, Double Punch! !Twice The Punch & Twice The Value!

As with many of my items these are new old stock from closed out operations. I Have These 15 Inch Subwoofers with poly cones warehouse liquidation priced. It's a Massive Speaker Deal At A Little Price !

With the current recession. We have priced these below dealer cost to move them out and clear out existing inventory. They are new product in the original boxes. Priced Low & ready To Move! Buy 1 Or Buy 2 & Save Even More On Both The Woofer & The Shipping Price!

These are new in the original factory display box.

Chrome Basket Blue Metalic Appearance Cone Looks Sharp!

  • 800 Watts Peak Power Handling Capacity (450 Watts R.M.S.) At 4 Ohms.

  • 32 Hz To 2 Khz. Frequency Response

  • New Blue Injection Molded Polypropylene Metallic Appearance Heavy Duty Cone With Flex Suspension For Massive Air Velocity & High Efficiency Heavy Hitting Low End!

  • Chrome Basket With Heat Temperature Dissipation Vent For Prolonged Operating Hours At High Power Levels

  • Bumped & Vented Chrome Backplate Structure.

  • 2.5 Inch High Temperature Kapton Voice Coil For Durrability

  • Rubber Magnet Boot

  • Silver Plated Laboratory Acoustic Research Grade Binding Post Connection Terminals.

Most still have the original owners manuals and are factory boxed and ready to ship in pairs. We will break shipping cases to ship out 1,15 Inch Bass Driver For You Too as our visitor on this site.

Original Factory Paperwork & Owners Manuals.Shipping Boxed Ready In Pairs To Go Out The Door Fast!

You can buy one or you can buy two and save more. We have these boxed and ready to ship. Many selling these items will advertise and run drop shipping scams which will prolong your time to receive the bass speakers. We have these sub bass drivers in stock and we want them gone fast to free up space and almost as quick as we have your payment. We are running to get them shipped out the door to you. Get Your New 15 Subwoofer Fast & Get It At The Best Price Now!

Buy Now For The Lowest Prices & Take Advantage Now Of The Savings. Pick Your Own Deal That Works For Your Needs Below!

Priced Per Pair Only $77.00

For Two 15 Inch Woofers.

 Shipping For The Pair Is Only $35.00 Anywhere In The United States.

Price For One 15 Inch Sub Bass Driver

Only $43.00

Shipping For 1 15 Inch Speaker Is Only $19.00 Anywhere In The United States.

Buy Now While Inventories Last On These High Powered Bass Drivers Priced Unbelievably Low! They Won't Last Long At These Prices!

You Found Your Deal, Buy It Now Using The Address In This Banner, Thanks For Shopping Here On The Stock Warehouse Center!

As with all of my sale items. This is a new from old stock and I am not a dealer and I am not able to directly support these. Warranty shall be factory warranty from Legacy Only.  Buyer understands item and is being sold as is with no warranties as to condition or fitness expressed or implied from this seller and agrees to seek factory only support in the even of difficulties.


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