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Imagine Your V.I.P. Guest when they open the door and see this !

These are 2 aluminum channels with strip lights included that fit right into them. You get 2 Aluminum Channels or Tracks to fit in or on the threshold on Your Stretch Limousine, Exceutive Livery Sedan, Customized Van, Recreational Vehicle Or Other Specialty Vehicle.

Here is the Lighted Threshhold Kit !

If your limo has overhead lights, fiber optic or neon. These lights really can dress up the entry point. The Aluminum Channels are 16 inches long. You would use both to light the entry way for an R.V. or larger vehicle main entrance. These accent Lighting Strips Can be used for marketing presence specialty vehicles, V.I. P. Vans or any type of vehicle you want to make an impression with. Overhead effect or specialty lighting vehicles can really be dressed up on the entry doorway with these lights.

Adds to the Luxury Look Of Your Limousines.


These kits normally sell for 79.95 Plus Shipping & Handling Charges From Custom Accessory Distributors. You Can Buy Them Here From The Stock Warehouse for Only $ 35.00 per pair plus a low $ 8.00 Shipping Fee.

This gives you a chance to make your already impressive vehicle really shine and impress that much more for a really low price. These lights will be found in nicer vehicles from established livery services in the United States. Don't Let Your Specialty Coach be left out from offering this luxury item for your important guest.

These Lights Really Dress Up This Ugly Web Page. If it can do this for this site. Imagine what it can do in your nice specialty vehicle.

Limousine Service is a business I have been in among many and I have an excessive stock left of these from the business. If there is something you need on Lincoln Stretch Limousines. Feel Free to contact me. I have all sorts of odds and ends laying around in the StockWarehouse.cntr.us

As with all of my sale items. This is a used item and is being sold as is with no warranties as to condition or fitness expressed or implied.