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Lytequest Motorhead DMX 512 Linkable & Programmable Intelligent Lighting.

Spectacular Effect For A Bargain Basement Price ! Special Quick Install  Y Power Cables Included With Motorheads.

If you run any type of entertainment venue. You really owe it to yourself to pick these up now. The Motorhead 360 degree intelligent computerized light was made by Lytequest Entertainment Lighting and discontinued because they had too many problems with them due to so many moving parts. This pair were survivors. When they were new, we had problems and they were replaced or repaired several times before they finally got them right. At the closing of the facility where these were we probably had one of the best pairs ever made because we went round and round with Lytequest to get these right and they finally did it right and they worked for many years. I am certainly no expert but these run and project patters and look great. These can be mounted and used from any direction. You can have them sitting as pictured. We had them flown in a lighting array from a ceiling. They have not been abused on road travel as is the case with many theatrical effects you will find that have been previously used. These were installed and only removed for shipping back and forth back when we were getting them serviced by the manufacture. They did not sell a huge quantity of these and there are few actually left in service due to the bug ridden nature of them. Again this is a working pair and I have even tested them for operation after they were removed and transported into my warehouse to make sure they survived. They power up and project patterns as shown on the site. Under this package purchase. You get a matched pair and power cables are included. These are DMX 512 linkable. I just had them installed to run free standing. They run to the beat of the music and cycle patterns. They are ready to go this way as they are. They are very bright and quite a spectacular lighting event to most show patrons. I had them in a building nearly 200 feet long and when one flashed you in the eye from the other end of the building. It was quite intense. These operate using a fairly complex set of internal filters and gobos to give a multitude of exciting patterns that will ohh and ah your guest. Our rules were it does not run for more than 10 minutes in a duty cycle and it was to be used as a spectacular in the evening. Not as an all the time presence theatrical light. The running hours on these are not that high for that reason. The lamps are fairly new in them and low cost to replace.

DMX 512 Protocall linkable lights.DIP switches off programming options

If you look at the motorhead picture on the left. You will notice there are two power input jacks. One for the lamps and one for the lighting & electronics robotic power head electronics. These are considered an intelligent smart light and this was to allow the electronics to maintain power while allowing any type of flash or chase trigger input on the lamps if you decided to use them in this manner.  We only used them as free standing light as this was more than enough to wow our crowds. The power cables supplied are configure to allow 1 power plug in while supplying power to both the computer motor electronic and the lamp. In other words it is a Y power cable so you did not have to do this with outlet strips or some other cumbersome process. Installation is much faster with these power cables included. 

These are a whole lot of fun and it especially fun to watch young kids chase the patterns of the light trying to catch the beam. These move fast and taking pictures was a challenge. I made a few shots when I removed these from their installation just to give you an idea of what they do. My pictures on these lightquest motorheads are not very good to really do them justice. We were all tired and the workers were all basically laughing at me trying to follow and photograph this light. They all basically though I was crazy but I knew I would need these when I I wanted to advertise them so here is goes. I have a bunch of pictures and still this does not really scratch the surface of what all they can really do. The quality is not too hot on of many pictures. These lights move fast. I quickly learned it would take quite awhile to really attempt to photograph this right. As mentioned. I had a work crew waiting and I was trying to keep things moving and on schedule for what all we had to accomplish.

Enjoy these photographs from this matched pair of Lytequest Motorheads.

Again I was tight for time as I made these and this is sampling of what it can do. If you let them run. You will even see things you did not know they could do even after you have been watching them for awhile in service. They may have a few glitches from time but overall these are one cool light priced right with FREE Shipping Now available! This always thrill and amaze audiences. Today as previously mentioned. There are not many left so you have an opportunity to pick up something they do not normally see elsewhere.

Matched working pair. A jewel of a find.

When we bought them. They were cutting edge. Unfortunately today many would consider them retro. Whatever you want to call the. They are cool and quite rare today. If you want smart robot type light quest motorheads. This is your lucky day and a rare find today.

Thank You For Visiting Your StockWarehouse.cntr.us, We Hope You Can Find Something Great On Our Site That Will Make Your Day Great !

The price for the pair shipped to your City anywhere in the United states is Only $ 400.00 for both with shipping included in the price! 

Complete package as shown Packed and shipped and with Y Power Cables Included. I have seen plenty of these for sale in the past as a one only light and they wanted $150.00 - $200.00 each for non working motorhead plus shipping as is where is. Then you had to fix it. These Light Quest Motorheads are working and tested with photo documentation to show the condition as I found them at the time of removal from the facility.

These give a look of a martin intelligent light or something really expensive. You have a chance to pick up a Lyte Quest signature lighting effect they will not see everywhere else in town for a bargain basement price. These are tested in operation on location and you see the photos of what they can do. This tells you something about them anyway.

As with all of my sale items. This is a used item and is being sold as is with no warranties as to condition or fitness expressed or implied. These are tested. Shipping is too expensive to go back and forth. I have priced them low enough. If you want a great deal. You found it. No returns though. I am not a retail store or set up for shipping games. If you are the one who needs these. I just made your day because they are priced really cheap for what they are.

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