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LyteQuest SF-88 DJ, Entertainment, Nightclub & Theatrical Lighting Controller.

Lytequest SF88 Lighting Controller With Individual Bump Buttons Per Channel

If you have ever seen or used something like this. These are nice allow flexible lighting or power control of up to 8 individual 120 volt devices. The Driver Pack says up to 15 amps per channel (1800 Watts at 120 Volts) or total system power. In my opinion. The Total system power is more likely what to consider. I do not recommend using it to control the main power on high amperage devices like Fog Machines which also usually offer a low voltage remote controller rather than having to run large wiring for them. I used these in installs with an average of 500 watts - 700 watts per device or channel on a larger draw channel and have never had one fail in service. I never even had a repair needed on one. The systems I used had a 100% success rate even after years of use or even abuse by employees in facilities. I would tell you do not attempt to install this with 8, 15 amp loads or 1800 watt per channel load needs. (The rating is written a little wierd to me) Obviously the main would have to be much heavier than standard 120 Volt Line Cord. It will fail if you attempted to abuse it this way. A little common sense and planning and you are making an investment in a controller that will service for a long time without failure. Use it to actuate a variety of lights and you have dazzling control over your lighting display. 

These offer both power on and momentary "bump" buttons for example to flash a light at a peak or highlight in a song or special event. The reason I say these are really nice is the quality workmanship utilized here that drove the company out of business on lack of profit due to the quality they put into these devices. These are the best looking and feeling controllers of this class I have ever found for this purpose and this is why I loaded up on them at the time they were offered and now they are no longer available due to their cost overruns on the design of these. (They were built too well and it put them out of business because they could not make money offering so much for so little.) Unfortunately I no longer have use for them after selling several properties in which they were to be used. These are new stock in the box and never installed. They are shipped in the original factory box with the factory manual. For an 8 channel low voltage cable control lighting system with head and driver pack. There is no better value than these controllers I have found at any price. 

New, Old Stock Lytequest SF88 Lighting Control System

Original Owners & Installation Manual Included.

Original Manual Included. 

You will find the faceplate on the Lytequest lighting controller to be a quality brushed aluminum front versus a baked enamel or cheaper pressed design found on many other lighting control heads of this type and the control switches are real back illuminated that glow a very nice green verses a cheesy L.E.D. as found on  many other competing controllers. The American DJ or Elation lighting controllers to me are not nearly as nice to use in my experience. This The Lyte Quest System allows you to install the lighting control pack at the actual location of your lights and then you can run a low voltage control cable to your lighting controller location. Why do you want to do this many ask. There are several advantages to the usage of a system like this. It allows you to save considerable installation expense using high power and high amperage wiring only to the actual lighting fixtures themselves and not through a D.J. Booth or other entertainment area where it could create additional hazards to employee staffing or the potentially untrained who may use it. It utilizes a serial control cable available through computer supply if you need additional length. 25 Feet will suffice for many installations often with cable leftover.

Low Voltage Easy Installation Lighting Control Cable Included.

A 25 Foot Control Cable is included with this system purchase. 

Low Votage Serial Fitting Makes Installation A Snap!

You install the driver pack with your lighting devices and simply plug the two together and it offers unparalleled flexibility, dependability and with this purchase affordability to have professional control over several lighting fixtures or effects. This is first class way to enjoy a professional looking lighting control system at a budget price. This system is also great for Mobile DJ's who to have control over their lighting rack that may not be directly on top of where you are or a great way to reduce clutter of heavy extension cords. One little control cable versus long runs of heavy copper wiring or ugly extension cods saves a lot of money on setting up your system the right way. Again these units are no longer available and I have a few of these left for those who appreciate the style, class, practical and operational advantages this system offers over many competing mobile DJ Light Board Controllers of today designed to get cost down to skin and bones. If you are serious about quality DJ or Light  Gear this is your chance to get a jump on your competition for a small investment price. You can use this system with Mobile DJ Portable System, Entertainment or Family Fun Center Venues, Light Theatrical Lighting Installations, Sporting Arena or Other Specialty Public Entertainment Complexes can utilize this system at a price a starting (or starving) mobile music jock can afford. 


This is a picture of the entire system and what you actually get with this purchase. 

Complete Lytequest SF88 Lighting System You Receive With Purchase Of This System.

You can buy this complete Lytequest SF-88 Lighting Control System for ONLY $ 109.00 with plus $20.00 shipping and you have it at your door affordably priced.

As with all of my sale items. This is a used item and is being sold as is with no warranties as to condition or fitness expressed or implied. I am not a dealer and just emptying existing stock.

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