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Magic Jack FREE Local & International VOIP Phone Service.

Never Pay A Phone Bill Again!

Your StockWarehouse Cntr. Now Has The Magic Jack In Stock Discounted With FREE Shipping Too!

We have the MagicJack Phone Device now available on your Stock Warehouse Site slightly discounted and we have even thrown in FREE Shipping to make the deal that much nicer for you! Tired of fighting to find retailers who actually have majic Jacks or worrying about expensive shipping? Buy Your MagicJack Here Now With Your Stock Warehouse Cntr. Site! It's Easy Fast & Now With FREE Shipping Directly To You!


We can't say enough great about this handy little device that transforms any PC into a FREE Local and International Calling Telephone. Your Magic Jack One-Time-Fee Includes FREE Telephone Service to anywhere in the United States, Canada, Puerto Rico and the US Virgin Islands. Any calls in these regions are treated just like a local phone service call to your next door neighbor! 

You pay one low price to purchase the actual device which plugs into your USB port and as long as you are operating Windows XP or beyond and you have a broadband Internet connection such as DSL, Cable Or Other Optical Fiber High Speed access Internet Connection.

You can conceivably say goodbye to your local wireline or POTS (Plain Old Telephone Service) as known in the IT World Telephone Company Phone Bill with all the hidden over charges and excessive fees you have probably become most upset with if you are like me when you opened your monthly paper phone bill.

If  you are also like me in being tired of excessive fees on your phone bill, Let's look at some of these and the many great financial reasons to consider the MagicJack FREE Phone Service Device and then see how you feel about your old fashioned copper wired telephone service after you take this all in. 

Ok so here we go with Fees and Taxes, It's so complicated and expensive where will we start ?

Federal Excise Tax - This tax among many is mandated by the federal government and imposed on all local calls. The federal excise tax is no longer imposed on long distance calls and wireless service!

9-1-1 Local Emergency Services Surcharge - This often expensive charge is supposed to maintain the lines and database for 911 emergency services (such as fire, rescue, police, etc.) and can often almost equal the amount of basic phone service in many areas. CNN Reported Residents in Tracy, California are really paying allot for their local 911 emergency service.  How much does it cost to save a life? For people living in Tracy, California it’s $300. Residents will pay $300 for some 911 calls, while non-residents can expect to pay $400. The new fees will supposedly help the city generate extra revenue while it suffers a $9 million budget deficit most likely due to overspending as found with many municipalities today! Residents can opt to pay an annual membership fee of $48.00 which is more than you are paying for both your total phone service when you buy your Magic Jack calling device Under this special offer! We will tell you that Magic Jack is not really 911 compatible but many are feeling this service which started out as a needed service has really become quite the tax turkey! 

This is your chance to legally just say no to high taxes and opt out with an affordable cost effective alternative. I have begun to ask as a Nation, are we becoming so slow that we can't dial 7 digits of the emergency service we need versus 911? Do you know if you need an ambulance? Do you know if you need the Fire Department ? Could You Figure Out For Yourself Which One You Need To Dial? In years past people wrote down the telephone numbers of emergency services in a conspicuous place in case we needed them. Now we just pay several hundred dollars instead for this three digit convenience regardless if we use these services or not! Definitely something to seriously think about.

(Federal) Subscriber Line Charge - This charge is mandated by the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) and helps cover the fixed cost of the local phone network, including the lines and equipment from the central office to you, the customer. Depending on your local telephone company, this charge may appear as: "FCC Charge for Network Access," "Federal Line Cost Charge," "Interstate Access Charge," "Federal Access Charge," "Interstate Single Line Charge," "Customer Line Charge" or "FCC-Approved Customer Line Charge." This is a per-line charge and the FCC caps the maximum price a company may charge. Customers with multiple lines may pay a higher subscriber line charge per line than those with only a single line of service. It appears to be a designed as wealth based tax. The more lines you buy, the more they assume you have and tax you accordingly kind of like the gas guzzler tax on luxury cars.

(State) Subscriber Line Charge - This charge helps maintain the local phone network. It may appear as “Intrastate Access Fee” or “Access Recovery Charge.”  Not all local companies have this charge on the bill. If you are one the unfortunate like me who just see it as another nickel and dime fee into our wallets.

Local Number Portability Charge (LPN) - This charge allows telephone companies to recover certain costs for providing residential and business telephone customers the ability to keep, at the same location, their existing local telephone numbers when they switch from one local telephone service provider to another. This is a fixed monthly charge, not a tax. You will receive a FREE phone number in your area code or one of your choosing with your MagicJack when you sign up but you can't take it with you. They also have 7 and 4 digit vanity numbers now available as well. You will not be paying this fee with your Magic Jack though which is quite nice!

State and Local Municipal Taxes (No Shortage Of These!) - These charges are placed by state, local and municipal governments on goods and services. For information about the state and local taxes listed on your telephone bill, you should contact your local, state and Federal Taxation offices or your wireline telephone company. These offices may be listed in the government section of your telephone directory.

Universal Service Fund (USF)/Universal Connectivity Fee - This federal fee is supposed to help make traditional wire line phone service affordable and available to all Americans, including consumers with low incomes, schools, libraries, rural health care providers,  and those living in areas where the costs of providing telephone service is high. We think if those in rural areas can get high speed Internet somehow they will find MagicJack to be the most affordable local phone service you can buy.

Now that we have all of these Federal Phone Charges and Taxes somewhat explained and we have not even paid the Local Phone Company yet for providing that good old fashioned dependable Dial Tone on our phone which brings us to

Basic Local Exchange Service Charges - This service normally offers a flat rate usage charge and in some cases fees on a per call basis beyond a basic minimum is for your basic dial tone telephone service provided over single residential access line or a primary access line for a small business customer. Most areas will charge considerably more for a Business Telephone Customer versus a residential account. Magic Jack is the same price to all regardless who wants to use it and for whatever purpose. 

Custom Call Features or Other Value Bundled Services - Basic Local Exchange Service is a stand-alone service and is not part of a bundle or package of services. Other often quite expensive charges on your phone bill may include such things as supposed value telecommunication bundles or packages that incorporate your local telephone service with other features such as call waiting, caller ID, call forwarding and busy number redial. These fees can really add up fast!

Long Distance Service Charges - Again service within the United States, Canada, Puerto Rico and the US Virgin Islands are included in this service just like making a local call. I became quite aggravated when my long distance carrier began placing expensive surcharges on long distance calls placed within my own Home State and this is one of the many reasons why we personally use the Magic Jack here on your Stock Warehouse Cntr site to save allot of money!

You have the choice and while we are not going to tell you the Magic Jack is a perfect device, We will tell you it is a highly effective and even portable local and long distance service provider that does not nickel and dime you to death. You buy it for a low price and you pay only the one time fee for purchase and then a low 19.95 per year fee thereafter to maintain your service and kiss expensive monthly phone bills goodbye. MagicJack even let's you lock-in on additional years of phone service if you don't like bothering with many excessive bills at a time. Some people use it to say goodbye to the expensive local phone company. Some just might keep it in their laptop case to use on the road to save money on local and long distance service or even use it as a phone in a hotel or restaurant where you may have a high speed internet connection handy and free to use! This can help keep your cell phone minutes down too! This user frequently travels in my work and I often stop into a McDonalds or other fast food burger joint and check on the road to see what is going on here at the Stock Warehouse Cntr while helping out on filling orders using my own Magic Jack over a Big Mac or other great fast food value combo meal while on the road. 

I Eat, Earn and Save Money myself with the Magic Jack V.O.I.P. (Voice Over Internet Protocol) Telephony Device and you can too!


You Can Buy The Magic Jack Now For Only $39.00 With FREE Shipping & Handling Out The Door To You Anywhere in The United States. Those interested in Export Shipping, Please Contact Us For Availability of Export Shipping On This Product. Please Indicate What County You Would Like Item To Be Shipped To In Your Contact As Well. This FREE Shipping Deal Is For The United States Only. 

As with all of my sale items on this site. This is a new item and we have purchased these on a closeout basis, They are being sold as is with no warranties as to condition or fitness expressed or implied. Shipping Is Way To Expensive to go back & forth on returns especially on larger bulky items. You are buying item as is with the understanding that you are getting a really great deal on it with your absolutely FREE shipping and all sales are final and non refundable. This site sells really low priced items in a liquidation discounted setting and any questions or support will be found on the Magic Jack Web site.  We do our best to provide a detailed description of any deficiencies we may find and disclose these thoroughly in our item descriptions. We are not perfect as no one is, but usually we are pretty close on the mark in our testing of items. This site will sell both working and non working items as well as both used and new items and we do our best to provide clear item condition descriptions to allow you to make an informed and intelligent purchase decision on the item you wish to buy from us. We will send you this device fast with FREE shipping and even slightly discounted which is a real feat considering all the value this wonder device will provide for you! 

We appreciate your purchase and Thanks for shopping on your Stock Warehouse Center and you can contact us on the e-mail address in the banner below!

E-Mail Now, You Will Need To Enter E-Mail Manually For Anti Spam Reasons, Thanks For Visiting Your Stock Warehouse Center!

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