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Motorola Piezo Electric Horn Tweeter Special

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Need Piezo Tweeters ? Done Dirt Cheap !

Deals On Motorola Piezo Horn Tweeters Are Here !

If you have experienced the awesome efficiency of Motorola Piezo Horn Tweeters. I don't even have to tell you to much about these. If you have never used a Piezo Horn Tweeter. This is probably one of the best inventions to the sound industry ever. These were a little high tech marvel of the 1970s that perform in very high sound pressure levels with today's digital music quite flawlessly. The secret is the super lightweight piezo diaphragm that is very light weight and moves ultra fast and allows these tweeters to reproduce frequencies far beyond that of modern sound systems and way well beyond human hearing ranges. Some have criticized these as being much too harsh for audiophile preferences and while there is some merit to this argument. Digital Music Audio Material of today also has this criticism attached to it as well. My own personal preference and experience is to use these more in a pro sound installation rather than a home stereo environment for this reason. At home I use a dome tweeter which I find to be smoother for this reason. Nightclubs, DJ's & Pro Sound Installers swear by these for the Professional Sound System installation on the high frequency end of the audio spectrum.

In layman's terms. They are clearly the most bang for the buck. In this case the most tweet for the buck!  

These measure 3.75 inches square  on the frame and call for a 3" hole. The outer diameter of the tweeter is about 3.4 inches. They are probably the most easily installed tweeter available. We have many of these and the driver caps, cases or markings may vary a little from the pic but never the less these are the Very Popular Motorola Piezo Horn Tweeters & I Have Them Offered At One Of The Best Prices You Will Find In The Entire United States Of America! The supposed factory power ratings I believe are 75 watts r.m.s. or 150 Watts Peak. Keep reading and learn more below. This gets really interesting. Rough frequency response information I have on them is 4 khz to 27 or 30 Khz depending upon the exact time in which the specs were released. Personally I have heard of test claiming them to be able to reproduce 45 kilohertz which is far beyond standard spectrum audio equipment and way beyond human ear hearing capabilities which truth be known rapidly fall off beyond 15 khz. I have personally seen even many children who cannot hear 15 khz. I was much younger in life (a kid) at the time of this little experiment and even 15 khz. I could tell it was there but I will not say I could actually what you would call hearing it. It was more of a presence than describable audio.  I am speaking of a standard sine wave tone that was used in this little test and experiment of the time. As you might have gathered by now I have a pretty good level of experience in working with these and I bought many of them to get the absolute lowest price and now at this point in life. I have way too many of these and so now I have a great deal on them available for you.

Rear View Of Motorola KSN-1005A Piezo Horn Tweeters New In The Box. FREE SHIPPING TOO !

They are very inexpensive and suitable to install without a crossover. Personally I have installed a crossover capacitor inline to give them a safety low frequency attenuation point and many may even install resistors when using them in multiple tweeter banks because they think they are a bit too bright in clusters. Some also feel the resistor helps protect the amplifier from the quirky impedance issue with these. To an amp they actually appear as a capacitive load rather than a resistive one in some instances. I personally have not done this or had this problem. I am simply sharing what many do. If you are using them in multiple banks I prefer to actually consider bi-amping with a high frequency split to even a relatively low power amplifier for large venue or really high power locations. You will be amazed at how loud these are with only 5 watts of high freq. only crossed over audio fed into them. Not to confuse the less technical. Overall they will work fine from my experience when connected to a full range speaker output with absolutely no crossover required even under high power levels for very long duration periods. This task is inherently taken care of by the high frequency piezo element that can only reproduce what is within it's own spectrum. These do not simply burn out as is the case with a traditional moving coil driver. Their true power handling is debatable with the primary hazard to these tweeter elements being distortion. If an amp is driven to clipping levels regardless of power output capability the unintended D.C. output occurring at clipping will damage the element causing an annoying rattling sound in the tweeter. I have seen some cases physically melting the element and sometimes the rear case assembly of the tweeter housing warping & bending at this point. The Important Part Is To Keep Clean Audio Fed Into Them & DO NOT DRIVE THEM TO CLIPPING!

I have personally run these installations with hundreds of watts of audio power coming into the tweeter and in my numerous years have only changed only a few that have failed where I have had some level of supervision or oversight of the operation of the installed system. My personal experience utilizing these is extensive and under the foundation of making sure I had adequate clean power for the sound system installation. I have not really had any problems. I have seen other using these in relatively low power installations with little knowledge of power rating levels or distortion and driving amps past clipping levels experience numerous and premature failure with these drivers. In systems where I had installed and set up limiting electronics to keep the system from being over driven. I have never had one of these fail! Clean Power With Headroom in the installation environment is the key to success with these.

Bob Carver original engineer at Phase Linear Audio (The Real Phase Linear) stated that in planning power output levels. One must plan to have about 10 times the amount of available power to what you would actually need to actually enjoy clean audio. He used this principal to market what were very high powered amplifiers to a home audience. His theory said if you thought you would need 50 watts per channel in the home listening environment. You would need 500 Watts Per Channel to handle transient peaks and he set out to sell this size amp to high end home audio systems of the time. This was better than a $2000,00 dollar power amp back then in the early eighties. The overall message was dynamic headroom will prevail.

Some of you have written in requesting to see what the driver looks like on the inside of the piezo element. I opened one and made a picture. I will share as previously indicated. Our stock is huge and the markings will vary on the drivers. Exact markings or numbers are not known prior to shipping. This is only meant to be a sample of my stock and not necessarily exactly what you get on the inside when ordering. I am not taking apart all of them to find out and we do not guarantee any particular case printed number. Any I have seen open for one reason or another have been like this one. I simply opened one up to make a reference picture and they are all the same model so they should all be pretty close. I will emphasize that some will just have different numbers or markings on the drivers. I do not know if there is any variance. I have not found any yet. This is only meant to show you a sampling of what I have. This is meant to be a customer service and not an exact guarantee of the driver element. What I will guarantee is that you are about to get Brand New Motorola Piezo Horn Tweeters Really, Really Cheap Under This National Tweeter Deal! What More Could We Ask For ?

Motorola Piezo Horn Driver Element ViewMeasuring Tape In Front Of Motorola Piezo Element. 

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As with all of my sale items. This item and is being sold as is with no warranties as to condition or fitness expressed or implied. I am simply liquidating inventory and shipping back and forth is too expensive. These are new and never installed though. Non Returnable & Non Refundable.

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