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The World Famous Midway by Bally Ms. Pac-Man Full Sized Stand-Up Video Arcade Classic.

Ms. Pac-Man FUll Sized Arcade Classic Game. Screen Shot.

These are starting to get really hard to find. An orginal Midway Bally Full Sized Stand-Up Arcade Model Ms. PacMan Game. This is a game from the 80s and it does have it's wear on it as seen. It has been stored for some time but I decided to power it up and partake in that World Obsession of Miss Pac-Man. I can remember the lines in every arcade that had one of these.

The Controls

I think every girl in the 80s lived to play Ms. Pac-Man. This gem of a game has been out of circulation for some time and now it is available to one lucky new player, owner or operator in the World.

Enjoy a slice of American history in your Bar, Restaurant or other business serving the public. This unit is currently setup for .50 cent play or 2 quarters for 1 play. It is dip switch selectable and it can even be set for free play if you wanted to put it in your own home. Coin Charge Play options are fully programmable. If you tell me game options you want I will help in programming the way you want it before it leaves here.

Again this a gem of American history and there are not many of these that are the original game still out there, Not a re-kit or conversion. This is the real deal. It is programmed to give an extra life at 15,000 points. This is selectable as well. Most of these were programmed for a new Pacman at 10,000 points. We simply got tired of the game being so clogged and everyone playing it forever so we made it a little harder to earn the extra life to move more players through it for more games of course when it was in service.  How many points can you score on this machine. The best answer is to buy it and find out.

Overall condition shows wear of it's age which in the historic area gives character to the machine. The monitor is ok and somewhat faded in color. It has an anti-hitting mechanism if someone beats on the machine it will end their game. This switch is currently kind of over sensitive and you might want to desensitize it a bit.

Unfortunately due to space I will have to sacrifice this national treasure of a bygone era and this means it is now available to you.

If you buy or like this game. I also have an original Nintendo 1981 Donkey Kong in it's original cabinet which is currently not working I would give a deal on. I have not really had the time to fix it and of course this reflects in the Value of the game. My best deal would be on it as it is rather than working. Of course my Miss Pacman works fine with the deficiencies I have noted. 

Unit is playing fine now and I have actually had it at home playing it and enjoying this American World Classic while I still have it. Unfortunately as with my warehouse. I do not have room for it at home, buildings or anywhere else unfortunately and it must sadly depart to make room. These are a whole lot of fun though.

Own The Original No Bidding & No Waiting

Only $1,000.00 Takes It Away !

Will be happy to demonstrate on pick-up. As with all of my items. This game is being sold as-is due to problems that can easily happen in game transport. This sale is intended for local pickup. I will transport it to a local freight terminal at your request upon purchase. Shipping insurance is at your own risk. Again shipping games with all of the glass both in cabinet and monitor is a risky proposition. Anyone in the game biz will tell you that many games do not survive transport. 

Thanks for viewing this page and I hope you might be the one to truly appreciate this great game.