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Peavey 16 Channel Down To 2 Channel Stereo 

Unity Series 2000 Mixing Console With Pro Grade Aluminum & Fiberglass Flight Case.

16 Channels Down To 2 With Monitor Outs

I have this Peavey 16 Channel Mixing Console with a Pro Grade Aluminum & Fiberglass Professional Grade Flight Case Included with your purchase. The Unity series well made lightweight professional artist touring quality mixing consoles and this console was fitted with it's own flight case for dependable pro sound for almost any artist demands while on the road. If you need a portable pro quality console at a budget price. I have probably just made your day. I had trouble photographing this with so much other stuff around and the lighting conditions so I made  few different pictures to try and give you an overall idea of what it is and what it looks like.

You can see in the photos I have it powered up and passing audio through it. This Peavey Mixer has been sitting for some time so I suspect these probably is a little noise in the controls and this of course can be easily remedied with a little contact cleaner if needed. This mixer offers both high impedance and low z microphone inputs and line inputs as well.

Cannon XLR & Hi Z Inputs for each channel

I do not have a way to thoroughly test it with what I have still around. I powered it up and passed a little audio through it. It reproduced well and the parametric e.q. per channel seems to work great with low noise. 

Monitor & Main Outputs!

I am trying to move stuff so I have it priced right to go and if you need a mixing desk like this in a pro grade travel case. This is your lucky day. This case alone when new cost almost as much as the board back when purchased. 

This Professional Grade Mixing Console With It's Case is Available for Only $ 325.00 Plus Shipping!  

You can contact seller at e-mail address below in yellow box. As with all of my sale items. This is a used item and is being sold as is with no warranties as to condition or fitness expressed or implied.

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