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T-Shirt Heat Transfer Sublimation Press

Get Into The Heat Transfer Sublimation Shirt Business For Less! 

Almost new. I have a few of these as overstock from a string of stores that we over ordered for and this is your chance to get into the Heat Transfer Sublimation Custom T-Shirt business for a fraction of what most people spend to do this. We imported a number of these Asian produced machines initially intended for the European Market and the actual style will vary. We ordered lots more than what we needed with the intention to recapture our cost in the liquidation of the overstock shirt presses. 

We have these as 15"x15" with digital temperature readout display and a built in digital timer that signals when the heat press cycle is complete and you release the lever to lift the heat press away from the garment you are working on and remove your transfer sheet. Presto, You Have a shirt usually in a about 11 Seconds.

 If you can work up to produce a steady pace of 3 shirts per minute with a net profit of about $6.00 per shirt. (Easily Possible In Tourist Locations!) This equals $1,080.00 Per Hour! With these numbers I have to ask if you will be able to Quit Your Day Job Yet ?

Digital Operation Sublimation Heat Press Controls On All Units!

Could You Live On $1080.00 Per Hour ?

All Units will feature digital temperature readout and timer with preset notification that can be programmed for heat cycles up to 999 seconds. Presses will have adjustable pressure and are well built from heavy steel to apply the pressure needed for the most demanding sublimation heat transfer needs. These presses are great to apply heat transfer artwork to T-Shirts, Mouse Pads, Ceramic Tiles or any flat surface that will accept sublimation heat transfer custom artwork. 

Adjustable Pressure Setting As Well As Full Digital Controls Wll Give Superb Perfromance. Great Money Maker Heat Transfer Press Deal!

If you are new and starting a Heat Transfer Business and you can commit to supervise your machine. Rather leaving it unattended in emergency as is the case with an Air Actuated Shirt Press. Why Spend $ 2000.00 + for a Shirt Press? Our loss is your gain. You can buy a shirt press from us with low hours. Basically used just for testing, peak sales promotions order fills or as an extra in light store use for a fraction of what most spend for their Hottronix, Hix or Geo Knight Shirt Presses.

Check Out These Low Prices! 

Price Includes FREE Shipping Anywhere In The United States!

  • 15 x 15 Heat Transfer Press $ 369.00

  • 16 x 20 Heat Transfer Press $ 729.00

These are built from heavy steel and are made to last. The Temperature scales are generally setup in Celsius on these machines as they were originally intended for the European market. These machines generally have a temperature range of 0-399 Degrees (Approximately 750 Degrees Fahrenheit, Way More Than Most Will Ever need) and the silicon gel heat baseboard will withstand temperatures to 350 Celsius (Apx 662 Degrees Fahrenheit) without bending warping or deforming. Most Heat Transfer work will be around 150 Celsius or around 300 Fahrenheit + or minus a bit so this is easily within range of most hot shirt press heat transfer application needs.

Your Location Can Genenrate New Sales Revenues With Your Heat Press Transfer Machine!

This is your chance and opportunity to enter the sublimation shirt transfer business and you can pick up one of our imported European Union destined sublimation heat press machines for a fraction of what you see the typical American Sublimation Shirt presses selling for here in the USA.

The Heat Transfer Shirt Business has exploded in popularity in recent years and the cost of these machines kept many small operators out of the business. We ordered a number of heat presses for a group of stores in multiple cities and factoring spare machines and the economy. We have unfortunately significantly over ordered and our miss on inventory is your gain.

The Standard 15x15 heat press will work for many applications and we also have larger machines with a 16"x20" heat platen with the same digital features for larger transfer needs. The 16 inch x 20 in. machine offers the ability to apply transfers that basically fill up the whole side of the shirt. A feature popular with many of today's youth who want shirts that really scream out. The 15 inch x 15 inch size will work for most applications though and achieves this at prices previously unavailable. Most used t-shirt presses you find will have a thousands of hours on them and will be basically worn out with their body parts literally peeling away. (Yes we have a few of these around too.) These sublimation machines offered will be tested to rated performance and have minimal hours on them and will be almost new. If we have higher hour heat presses they will be noted and priced accordingly when we work with you. Would you rather a have a fairly new press which has been tested to perform or one that has been worn out as many advertise.

Many imported sublimation heat presses will actually arrive in the States with technical problems due to lack of quality control standards by many of the manufactures and support is basically to ship the press to a regional service center at your own expense (Sublimation Shirt Presses are Heavy) for them to fix them if they will even do this for you. Any shirt press we offer will be tested to performance and some telephone support will be available to answer general setup questions. This provision is generally not available unless you are spending the big bucks on the Expensive American Heat Transfer Shirt Presses such as a Hix Air Actuated, Geo Knight or Hotronix Sublimation T-Shirt Press.

Fully Automatic Air Actuated Sublimation Heat Transfer Presses are available too. Air Presses from $1300.00 with Low Hours On Them. Models will be 16"x20" and designed to withstand the high volume rigors of the most demanding industrial needs with exceptional dependable service. An Air Shirt Press is recommended where you have employees doing the work or the press is used in a very busy environment where the workers may be distracted by other operations such as phone ringing or helping customers and you do not want to have to worry about the heat platen "over cooking" the shirt you are working on. An Air Actuated Heat Press allows the transferred item to move safely away from the heat source upon the desired completion time cycle of the heat transfer process. Of course for an Air Operated Heat transfer press you will need an air compressor to utilize this feature. Your Air compressor can also be used for inflatable toys or kids inflatable novelties frequently sold in tourism based shirt shops.

If you can do without the Air Actuation. We can save you a ton of many on the featured no air heat presses we have featured above. Shirt Presses are heavy and shipping will be taken on a case by case basis. Most of our inventory is in the Southeastern Region of the Country and we strive to provide the lowest possible shipping options to you. 

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We also have Imported Low Usage Hour Mug Sublimation Heat Presses priced at $ 269.00 or Hat Sub Heat Transfer Presses priced at $ 349.00 

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