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Technics SL1400 MK2 Direct Drive Turntable.

These are very rare today. The Technics SL 1400 MK2

I will assume if you found this site you are looking for one very fine and rare turntable. I have this one in pretty good condition and it is a beautiful design that will never ever be duplicated. These had a really large thick platter. The dust cover is much heavier than on most turntables for acoustical damping purposes. This turntable will include the heavy weight technics platter mat as well. This is a very thick rubber matt.

To go ahead and show you it's flaws. Let's get this out of the way. There is some oxidation on the case on the front right corner and the cue lever lift does not work. Any of these I have found in modern times seem to all have the same problem. I have not seen one of these in modern times that the cue lever actually worked ok if that tells you anything. This is why I was in no hurry to fix this part. It cannot auto return due to this fact. I have never had the time to see about fixing it and always used it as a manual turntable in a production facility when it was in use. The turntable overall is in very good condition since it was used in a commercial working environment. The power switch was sticking when last used but the turntable again works fine. I believe in sharing any known deficiencies when I advertise any item on this site. The dust cover looks nice with minimal scratching. No cracks or chips detected at inspection.

Oxidation On Front Right Corner.Cue Lift Lever Does Not Work.

My running hours on this turntable are minimal since it was brought into a recording facility that was all digital anyway. This was just kind around in case we needed it which was a rare occurrence. I had a new cartridge installed and it is a commercial Stanton 500 Professional DJ cartridge. This has very, very little use on it. You are getting basically an almost brand new cartridge with this turntable. This is a $ 55.00 Value in itself. You will also receive the heavy Technics aluminum 45 spindle which is in short supply today. These are usually $12.00 -$15.00 by themselves online if you can find one. This turntable will include the 7 Inch Technics Aluminum Single 45 RPM Record spindle. These are rare and expensive if you can find them again. This turntable will include the nice aluminum 45 rpm spindle as shown.

As you can see these turntables are quite the rare and collectable piece. It was my pleasure to use this one in it's service. In it's later days in service, We simply had no records around anymore. If I played vinyl and definitely in a home environment. This is one of my favorite turntables ever made in history I have used. These are very, very nice looking and this is definitely a very, very rare collectable item today.

As it appears originally with heavy platter mat.

These turntables have some really unique features to them. If you have used the famous Club Play DJ Technics SL 1200 MK II which is pretty well World Famous Workhorse in about every nightclub in the World. This turntable has some very unique differences. It does share basically the same fast start motor with the brake control as the SL 1200 MKII. One major plus is the digital display that shows the pitch control which is variable + or - 9.9% as seen on the display. This is where it gets really strange if you have never used one of these. The strobe rings on the platter on most direct drives stand still in appearance at perfect speed, move forward for fast and backward for slow. On these turntables. The strobe stands still all the time regardless of pitch. Pretty strange right ? This is the design and the digital l.e.d. display shows the actual plus or minus speed of the platter.

It was hard to get a picture but here is a camera view of the strobe ring in the front window on the turntable as it is running. It stays fixed regardless of pitch or speed selection. Apparently it is frequency modulated rather than fixed on most turntables that simply use the 60 hz wall frequency with a neon light source to illuminate the strobe speed rings.

Notice The Strobe Rings In The Window.

Here is a closeup of the speed controls.

Much of the engineering design and inspiration on this model came from the Technics component series turntables like the SP 15 or SP 10 that did not include a base or tonearm. This turntable model was sold as a complete unit with the famous SL 1200 MK II type tone arm. I really hate to sell this but due to no more vinyl in my own inventory. I guess it's time to go has come. I hope someone who can truly appreciate this will be the one to buy it. If you play records and you are serious about vinyl. You really owe it to yourself to experience this part of American Audiophile & Broadcast Production History.

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I have this collectors turntable Value priced to go plus shipping. Due to cost of shipping I am saying no returns on this as with all of my sale items. I have noted deficiencies where I can find them. I personally have literally grown up in this stuff so I am pretty on top of it in the diagnosis department. I am clearing our stuff trying to see the light of day again and considering the collectable nature of this very rare item. I have it value priced to move out the door fast. My Technics SL 1800 pair sold in the blink of an eye on this same site as well as of course my Technics 1200s I had around. I have this one last SL 1400 MK2 that is waiting for an appreciative collector. I no longer use vinyl turntables but I know many others still really seek these from all points of the World. I have this last piece left bargain priced waiting for you to take it away and enjoy this timeless collectable!

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As with all of my sale items. This is a used item and is being sold as is with no warranties as to condition or fitness expressed or implied. Thanks for taking the time to check out this item on my site and I hope it is what you are looking for.