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Viking Electronics DVA-TNT Time & Temperature Module With Temperature Probe Sensor Included.

Viking DVA-TNT Time & Temperature Telephone Module. Demo Units Ready To Ship!

Beware Of False Claims As To Availability.  We Went Through This When Purchasing A Quantity For Special Orders. I Have Them & I Am Ready To Move Extras Out Now That My Own Projects Have Been Completed.

I went through allot to actually get these when I needed them for a larger order almost every vendor I tried to order from did not have it or was playing games on when they could get. When I bought these. They did not even arrive on schedule even with a large quantity commitment that we made at acquisition. If you have been shopping or hunting for a Viking Electronics DVA-TNT. This site is going to save you some real money and I actually have them ready for immediate shipment. This is actually overstock for a special project and consumer show display I have a few left over and so here they are. The Highly sought after Viking DVA-TNT Time & Temp Module is a low cost self contained automated Time & Temp unit and is shipped ready to place into service. 

The Temp Probe has leads which you may extend to almost any length of your choice for installation. Temperature Probe uses only 2 wires for the easiest & quickest installation. The Clock is super accurate on these and has built in battery backup to retain memory of time in the event of power failure. Modules are shipped in factory professional display box and ready to be put into service. It may be physically mounted to a wall in a telephone utility room by your pabx  or pbx system. A common application for this is for a business, bank, car dealer, hotel or motel wishing to provide time & temp information to their guest through their pabx system and is connected as an analog phone to the phone system through an rj-11 jack. It may be used in auto rewind standard user mode on your phone system or it may configured to handle multiple caller through your PABX system in the drum trip recorder mode for multiple callers if you are comfortable with the programming setup.

 It appears just like a single line phone to your phone system. Since it is rj-11 ready. It may be easily plugged into a standard tip & ring rj-11 telephone line connector as well (P.O.T.S.) for a lighter traffic single line free standing time & temperature service as well. If you wish to cover multiple callers and lines without a phone system. You may use RJ-11 Connector or Barrier Strips for telephone line termination. For multi line install without a PABX or PBX system. You will need multiple modules (1 for each telephone line) and you can master and slave the additional modules so only one announcement and one temperature probe will be needed.

Unit Is sent ready to announce greeting, Your Up To 30 Second Sponsor or Welcome Announcement, The Current Time & Temperature Followed by up to a 30 second back end announcement which can be tailored to individual needs. Unit is shipped pre-programmed ready to place into service or you can customize it with your own voice and announcements as much as you like. The Sound Quality is 64K High Quality Digital Audio on these and offers the absolute best sound we have found on any stand alone time & temperature module. This unit can make it as easy or as elaborate as you wish it to be. A breeze to set up. You can almost plug it in and go if you like. Many time & temp systems give you one minute sampling on temperature. This unit gives actual real time temp. The Temperature sensor is a rugged designed and very compact in it's design offering an almost invisible temp probe installation. This is durably built. Not just a toy but a professional self contained time & temperature system you can place into service offering community time & temperature announcements for your business. The great news is picking up a bargain basement dealer price level without actually having to be a Viking Electronics Registered Dealer.

However you wish to use it. This is your opportunity to pick this up ready for shipment below the already low wholesale price. Offers many of the same features and performance as many expensive rack or server based systems with no moving parts in one easy to install Time & Temp Module for a fraction of what those sell for on average. Time & Temp Module will shipped with power supply ready to plug in and use.

Many wholesalers on theses products will play games on availability to either bait and switch you into more expensive products or to attempt to somehow extract more money out of you. I have been though this. These can be actually quite hard to obtain from the value priced distributors, Believe me I know. I have a few of these as leftovers on a project I recently completed for a financial services company and I selling them below my actual cost, but not as bad as a restocking fee would have hit me. My loss is your gain and hopefully I do not lose as much. this way. These will be shipped in the factory Viking Electronics presentation box and since shipping is way to expensive. If there is any problem. Any of the wholesalers on these will tell you to send it back to the manufacture if there were a problem. (They worked fine for me.) I would tell you the same thing. I can do that just as well as they can but I am selling it for less! I am selling it new as-is where-is in the original factory box with owners and installation manual and all factory power supply and hardware included. Seller has personally tested any opened unit before shipment to guarantee operation before it is shipped out the door to you.

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My Low Price With FREE SHIPPING Included Anywhere In The United States is only $ 479.50

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I also have the EZ Advantage Time & Temp Units In a Factory Fresh Box Ready To Ship priced far lower than the Viking DVA-TNT

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As with all of my sale items. While these are not a used item and some may have only been used for show or display on a demo board while many others have never been opened at all. All units are being sold as is with factory warranty only and are non returnable or refundable under this liquidation deal. Again any unit we have opened has been tested for operation if it has been opened even at all to insure operation. We have installed many of these and never seen one arrive bad in the box. They are a very high quality module. Your support beyond basic setup questions will be with manufacture only under this deal. Most have the bonus upgrade temp probe quick disconnect installed on the temperature sender line already. Seller will work with you on general knowledge questions to get you up and running and supply factory setup manual with your purchase.

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I have included the factory information and specifications for the Viking Electronics DVA-TNT Time & Temperature Module on the section below.
Provide Time and Temperature Announcements

The DVA-TNT provides a user recorded announcement along with the time of day and outdoor temperature. A 30 second custom greeting or promotion can be recorded into the The DVA-TNT Time and Temperature Announcer combines a flexible, user recordable, digital announcer with pre-recorded, professional, time and temperature announcements. The announcer will interface directly with C.O. lines as well as analog PABX/KSU extensions.

Record up to 30 seconds of personalized messages both before and after the pre-recorded time and temperature announcements. The DVATNT can also play back a customized night message of up to 15 seconds before playing the time and temperature.

The DVA-TNT may be programmed and recorded either locally or remotely. A remote temperature sensor is included along with an integral 24-hour clock. Rechargeable battery back-up is also provided to keep the clock accurate during power outages.

  • Hotel/Motel wake up systems
  • Courtesy time of day and current temperature announcer
  • Business promotion
  • Ultra Low Cost Time & Temperature Announcement Service Stand Alone Module
  • Remote temperature monitor
  • Ring trip or drum recorder modes
  • Local port for recording and programming
  • Remote record and program
  • 75 seconds of non-volatile voice time
  • Rechargeable battery backup for clock
  • Temperature sensor with 10 feet of wire included 2 wire sensor configuration
  • Temperature in Celsius or Fahrenheit
  • Hotel/Motel wake up systems Courtesy time of day announcer
  • Business promotion
  • Remote temperature monitor
  • One year warranty
  • Made in the USA
  • Power: 13.8 VAC adapter provided
  • Battery: 9 Volt NiMH provided for clock backup
  • Temperature sensor wire runs: 2 wire configuration: 100 feet
  • Dimensions: 211mm x 160mm x 46mm (8.30" x 6.30" x 1.80")
  • Shipping Weight: xx kg (xx lbs)
  • Environmental: 0 C to 32 C (32 F to 90 F) with 5% to 95% non-condensing humidity