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Looking For Your Dream Motorcycle At  A Bargain Price ?

This Yamaha XV-1000 will offer much of the Harley experience at a budget price!

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Yamaha XV-1000 

1984 Collectable Classic

This bike has had so many customizations and modifications to it and is overall now set up like a Harley Cruiser Style Motorcycle.

I bought it with most of this done and everyone out in public always thinks it's very sharp looking. I will say it's a real dream to ride and once you set out on it. You simply never want to stop. It is pleasure to ride and gets right at about 40 miles per gallon on fuel efficiency which is pretty good for a 1000 cc+ bike. The mileage is higher around 55,000 on the odometer but in riding many bikes and with the work that has been done to it. It performs like a young bike. Does not use oil. Has been well maintained and many, many extras added to this bike. This is a Cool bike with a Capital C in my opinion and after viewing these pics. I think you will agree. It is Burgundy Wine or Garnet in color on the paint and this is new and sports a nice wax job. This special edition Yamaha has Gold Aluminum wheels with silver accents. You can think of it as a head turning Garnet & Gold Special Bike. So many neat touches and it even has cupholders! Go figure on this one. This bike is built for comfort style and plenty of speed as you cruise the streets and highways on it with breathtaking efficiency.

Yamaha XV-1000 Collectable Classic !

I really hate to do this but I don't think it's fair to this bike to let it sit. I have way too many vehicles and I don't want this bike to deteriorate sitting. You can ride and ride it and it only wants to keep going more, more and more. Let it sit and it takes it out on you in being hard to start. This bike has communicated in no uncertain terms that it wants to be ridden regularly and this is the problem for me. I travel a good bit and I simply cannot ride it all that it seems to want to be ridden. It tries it's best to make me into a full time biker and my life does not allow me to do this for a number of work related reasons. 

As you can see this is a beautiful bike with a very glossy burgundy paint job on the gas tank. No gas tank spills have ever been allowed to damage this paint. The paint is showroom new! The rest is either Chrome or Gold Plated. There is a little oxidation on the gold plating on the headlight bezel and misc hardware. It is not noticable unless you are really looking closely at it. This is still one sharp looking bike to that looks right out of a Hollywood Movie Set. The Wheels are gold aluminum with silver accents. This bike screams look at me and it is always a showstopper wherever I might  ride it to. I have pulled up to many a restaurant load with Mercedes, Jaguars and other sharp exotic cars and it is funny how the faces appear at the windows gawking over this bike in aw.  These people don't seem to get that this bike is worth only a small fraction of what they have tied up in their exotic sports cars. This Bike I Loaded With Flash & Chrome Galore.  It also has an electronic fuel pump shutoff & diagnostic monitor which serves as both an anti theft device and an indication of fuel pump activity. It is designed to turn off the fuel when you come in from a ride to burn the fuel out of the twin carburetors which are meticulously tuned so you do not leave fuel sitting in them when not in use. I usually turn off the fuel pump about a half mile in and this works great to clear the carbs. A Neat Custom Touch shown in the the left picture below in the upper left corner. This device has green & yellow L.E.D.s that glow real nice at night.

Fuel Diagnostic Monitor Top Left! Notice Green & Yellow L.E.D.sVery Sharp Looking!

This cruiser is most comfortable to ride and has a custom leather Harley style step seat which is far more comfortable than a standard factory seat. This bike has been decked out in many ways with the Harley influence clearly visible. This bike has a full height borderless wind faring to keep the wind off of you and a high back padded  backrest for the bike's rear passenger to take full advantage of. Another safety feature is the LED License Plate Chrome Frame With Bright L.E.D. lights that come on when you stop to help make you visible to motorist behind you. A nice touch to dress up this bike even more and nice touch to help keep you safe! 

It Even Has Cup Holders!

Another neat feature exclusive and original to this bike is the cup holder, Yes a cupholder shown below the back rest in the picture below to the right. It will hold 2 drinks to carry on the road with you ride on a sunny day. You don't find that on many bikes today!

The Controls are well laid out for comfortable operation and intelligent design usage. The handle grips are another custom hand grip Harley styled once again and these are quite nice for extended riding periods on the bike. Of course this bike has your ever popular Harley Davidson Type Teardrop Mirrors. These actually offer a nice level of visibility when riding. Here is a top view of the Step Seat. I always store this bike indoors when not in use so it helps preserve it to keep looking great. It is never stored in the weather. It never even sees bad weather unless I happen to get stuck somewhere and a rain shower has come. This is a sunny day toy to me and this is the problem for this Yamaha XV-1000, It simply cannot stand to sit up.

Look at these custom grips!Harley Style Step Seat With Well Padded Sissy Bar!

The Rear Tire is almost new and has a really deep tread which you can see. The Front tire is low tread and will need to be replaced soon. Just pointing out a concern I wanted to share with you that will need to be addressed some time in the not too distant future.

Rear Tire Is Great!Front Tire Is Wearing Down & Could Use Replacement Soon!

The Yamaha Virago is Shaft Drive for smooth quiet driveline transfer. There is nothing quiet about the bike. It sounds like the Harley thunder you would expect it to be upon site. If you have been looking for an exciting bike to ride that does not break your bank account. This is your dream come true. It's the ride of a lifetime at a value price. This bike is built as basically all motor. It is a 1000 cc motor on what is really a small frame in comparison to many bikes. It occupies about a 7 foot in length footprint. It tows quite easily and the only real deficiency I have noticed is a squealing on the rear brakes when you first ride it. This seems to work itself out as the bike is ridden and warm the shoes a bit I guess. 

Shaft Drive for Low Maintenence & Reliability! Helmet Lock Built In Too!Great Real Leather Harley Style Step Seat.

If you notice the little hook above the back wheel. This is a motorcycle helmet lock to protect your helmet while you are out from theft. You don't find this much bike and one looking this nice for this low of a price!

Many have asked since this bike sits allot does it actually run and how well. I have done my best and I took it out for a spin on 10-22-2010 and I made a picture of the speedometer at 55 and showing only about 3000 RPM on the tachometer which shows how it likes to go. This is nothing for the motor and it runs great. The big thing is just don't let it sit. Then it will be hard starting on you. I probably only get to ride about once every 2 weeks to once a month or so.

Taking Pictures While Riding Can Be very Dangerous Don't Try This At Home !

I took this picture while riding just to share with all the people who want to ask does it run and how does it run. It runs like a champ and you see the low RPM on the highway with it. 55 & it is just starting to purr and and not even breaking a sweat at all! As I said, It likes to go and go. For safety's sake. DO NOT TAKE PICTURES While Riding. I just did this as a sample to show you what to expect when it is running! 

So what is the price on this beautiful Yamaha Virago loaded with features and performance. You can drive it away as a one of a kind Priced at Only $ 3,500 which is only a fraction of what you will spend on many comparable bikes loaded with so many features as this bike!

This special purchase opportunity allows you to enjoy your ride of a lifetime at what is really a budget price! 

As with all of my sale items. This is a used item and is being sold as is with no warranties as to condition or fitness expressed or implied.

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